New author visits NET Academy schools in Harlow

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Fri 12th Nov 2021 at 03:21pm

A NEW author was made very welcome when they visited a number of NET Academy schools this week.

Tersha Cutmore has just published Luca..The Lion Who Couldn’t Eat Meat


Tersha said: “It’s my debut children’s book that I self published, during covid, on Amazon in September 2020.

It’s a rhyming, witty and at times touching tale of a lion who is allergic to meat and other things and we see how this makes him feel sad, jealous and different to his friends. He just can’t understand why he cant eat and drink what they do. 

It’s inspired by my son Luca who’s has had allergies and intolerances since birth. 

“When he started school I truly realised how difficult it must be for him to be around others at break and lunch times. The feelings and emotions that come with that must be so difficult to comprehend. 

The book is predominantly to support other young allergy sufferers and help them see they are not alone but it’s also to educate others, to teach that we can’t all eat and drink the same things and to encourage kindness and empathy to all who feel they are different…whatever the reason.

“The stunning illustrations have been drawn by my friend Victoria Ward-fowler.. we met when her son, Milo, and Luca were at pre school together.  Keep an eye out for Victoria and Milo as they appear in the book… 
Victoria sells her artwork and prints on Etsy. 

“I want to empower all young children to see that no matter what we must embrace our differences and always try and focus on the positives in our lives. 

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