Review: Bobby and Amy: A phenomenal piece of physical theatre

Entertainment / Sun 14th Nov 2021 at 07:43pm

WE think every person who watched Bobby and Amy in Theatre 2 at the Harlow Playhouse will tell you how privileged they were to see this astounding piece of theatre.

The piece centres on two teenagers and their life in the Cotswolds, in the midst of a foot and mouth outbreak.

In the Cotswolds, two teenagers, played by Will Howard and Kimberley Jarvis, take you on a journey from burgeoning friendship to their battle to save a building at the centre of the story.

However, the two gifted actors also play nineteen over parts and do so, displaying remarkable technique.

This is done without any props but through the smallest of gestures. Economy of movement for maximum effect.

It was Howard’s ability to morph into the predatory new boyfriend of Amy’s mother and the belly-rubbing chip shop owner was so deft yet emphatic.

They also played mothers, fathers, farmers, pharmacists, council and Defra officials

Jarvis differentiates teenagers with a simple hair-flick or lip-twitch. In two scenes, the pair play all the people at a crowded town meeting.

At the centre of this are two kind people in an uncertain and sometimes cruel world where we all hope that justice will shine through.

In many ways, this felt more like an emotional ballet with words/lyrics.

A near-perfect seventy minutes of emotional theatre.

A tour de force by playwright Emily Jenkins and all involved.

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