Letter to Editor: Our MP didn’t secure any funds for the homeless

News / Sat 20th Nov 2021 at 10:29am

Dear Editor,

I READ with interest the article in Your Harlow a couple of weeks ago that had the astonishing headline that our MP Robert Halfon had secured over a million pounds worth of funding for Harlow’s homelessness.

I think this claim by our MP needs some facts put on the record. Firstly, our MP didn’t secure any funds for homelessness as this is a grant that the council receive every single year from the government and has done going back many years including the last Labour government.

The grant has been increased this year but before Mr Halfon and the Conservatives start crowing about this additional money let’s look into the reason for the increase in the grant. Firstly, the furlough system has come to an end and secondly this government has brought an end to the £20 universal credit payment paid to some of the people on the lowest income in our town.

Now that the Tory government have lifted the ban on no evictions , which will now lead to many struggling to pay their rent to approach the local council on homelessness issues, it is clear that all local authorities are going to need extra funding. However, it would be far more effective to keep in place strategies that stop people becoming homeless in the first place.

It is hugely disappointing that Harlow’s MP has decided to mislead the residents of our town on this hugely important issue.

Cllr Mark Wilkinson

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2021-11-21 22:55:18

Thank you for the clarity. Please continue to keep us informed Cllr Wilkinson

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