Letter to Editor: “The landscape of bullying has changed”

General / Mon 22nd Nov 2021 at 10:29am

Dear Editor,

Bullying is an issue that has always affected children and since Childline began 35 years ago, thousands of young people have turned to the service to share their experiences of bullying.

Over the past 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the landscape of bullying has changed.

Some young people have had respite from the bullying they experienced in person due to the numerous national lockdowns meaning they were out of school and away from the children who had previously picked on them for months on end.

For others, the bullying transferred online and we know for many this felt inescapable and overwhelming due to the increased amount of time children were spending online for their education, to keep in touch with friends and family and to stay entertained.

For many who were struggling with this issue, Childline was the only place that they felt they could turn to.

It’s thanks to our supporters like the players of People’s Postcode Lottery who have provided crucial funding that enabled our frontline staff to still be here those young people during the pandemic who desperately needed our help.

As we move out of the pandemic, it remains essential that all children know where they can turn to for support.

This anti bullying week, we want to remind children that Childline is here for them and that they don’t have to deal with this issue alone.

All children can call children on 0800 1111 or online at childline.org.uk. No worry is ever too small.

Alex Gray, Head of Volunteer Operations or Service Head.

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