Donna’s Slimming World Club set to move

Entertainment / Tue 30th Nov 2021 at 06:06pm

SLIMMING World at Harlow Rugby Club is moving. After three and a half years at the club, Donna.B has been searching for a new venue and pleased to announce that she will be in her new home from Wednesday December 8th.

Donna said: “It’s not been an easy task to be honest as it’s so hard to find the perfect space but it’s the members that make the group not the building!

She has found a lovely new home with Harlow Sea Cadet at Tye Green, Bush Fair (behind the bowls club).

“So all we need to do now is spread the word all around Harlow so that everyone knows where to find us.

“It’s so important that people who want to learn how to healthy eat and lose weight have that support within our community.”

Donna.B’s groups are still focusing on this on the lead up to Christmas and have lost an incredible 72 stone and 10lbs in the month of November alone.

It makes Donna so happy when her members tell her the benefits of weight loss. For example, their diabetic levels have gone down, made new healthier habits or they no longer need blood pressure medication.

The group days and times are exactly the same.

Wednesdays: 9.30am 5pm & 7pm

Fridays 9.30am & 11.30am

Donna added: “I’m really excited to be going into a new venue and can’t wait to get in there and support another great group within our community ( Sea Cadets).

“As most people know I’m a community kind of girl and love to do what I can for our town so supporting the Sea Cadets will be lovely as they do all their own fund raising.

“For more information about joining Donna.B please call/message 07534 508 576 Or find more details on her Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/swdonna.b/

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2021-12-02 00:11:26

Hi Donna can I have prices please

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