Number of Covid-19 related deaths in Harlow passes 600

Health / Thu 2nd Dec 2021 at 04:34pm

THE NUMBER of Covid-19 related deaths in Harlow has passed 600.

The number of deaths in total is 601.

For the record, Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death in around 92% of deaths where it was mentioned in the death certificate.

There are a reported 6-patients in the hospital.

We just wanted to take this moment to pay our respects to all those who have been touched by the 601 deaths.

They may just appear as numbers but we know that they are all names, all husbands, daughters, fathers, grandmothers and sons.

You were and are all loved and you are all missed.

Number of Deaths

November 2021: 12

October 2021: 16

Sept 2021: 10

August 2021: 11

July 2021:12

June 2021:0

May 2021: 2

April: 2021: 2

March 2021: 9

Feb 2021: 38

January 2021: 179

December 2020: 73

November 2020: 29

October 2020: 3

September 2020: 2

August 2020: 0

July 2020: 0

June 2020: 0

May 2020: 15

April 2020: 151

March 2020: 35

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5 Comments for Number of Covid-19 related deaths in Harlow passes 600:

2021-12-02 17:53:03

590 of these poor individuals were people in hospital at the end of their lives due to some other condition. They probably caught Covid in the hospital and then had their cause of death noted as Covid. How many of us know someone that had terminal cancer recently but had their death recorded as Covid. I'm not a conspiricy nut, I believe Covid is out there, but these death figures are being inflated to suit some agenda.

Mary saggers
2021-12-02 17:56:33

Me and my husband Cllr Matthew saggers would like to extend our condolences to all the families and friends of those that have lost their lives.

2021-12-02 20:22:59

My Mother was in PAH last October, she was due to be released after being treated for an infection. However just before discharge she tested positive for Covid. The infection was definitely caught whilst in hospital. No other source. Visitors were not allowed due to infection control. We were only allowed to see my mother to say goodbye. My mother like so many other hospital patients caught Covid whilst being treated for a minor illness. The death certificate registered the cause of death as Covid because it was. Unfortunately, my father also caught Covid, whilst receiving respite care. His death certificate also recorded Covid because it was Covid that he died from. Please don’t assume that the medical profession are just putting Covid on death certificates for the sake of it. It is disrespectful to the memories of these victims.and their relatives. We have have to live with the consequences of this horrendous virus. This is no conspiracy believe me.

2021-12-02 20:47:29

To Citizen: I very much doubt that you have proof that 590 died from "some other conditions" as well as Covid. In making this claim you disrespect the memory of all those that have died as a direct or indirect result of this far from imaginary disease The assertions of inflated death figures to suit an unspecified agenda do suggest you could well be a conspiracy nut (your words) and further suggests that you might not wear mask and may also think that the No 10 parties last year were within the "rules" For your own sake, and that of others near and dear to you, I really hope that you are vaccinated, but if not, please get the jab and don't run the risk of catching it or passing it to your family. With lower than average vaccination rates in Harlow and increasing cases in the town, this is a serious matter.

yvonne knight
2021-12-03 10:55:09

Dear people of Harlow. My very good friend of over 40 years passed away early January this year. He was taken into hospital after waiting 7hrs for a ambulance. He had a minor infection in his leg. Whist being in hospital he rapidly went down hill. His family and I were not allowed to visit, so all over Xmas and new year he saw no one but hospital staff. 3days before he passed he contracted covid and died. Would he still be alive now if we had been allowed to see him and maybe see what was happening, we will never know but like many I miss him and wished I could have done more! Oh and also we wouldn't let them put covid as cause of death because it wasn't!!!!

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