Harlow charity bring change makers to town

Charity / Sun 5th Dec 2021 at 11:21am

THE Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (MRCT) is the charity behind Harlow Foodbank and the newly launched Bump to Five project amongst others unique to Harlow.

Today they launched a new initiative to encourage more social action in the town. This comes in the shape of “Harlow ChangeMakers” – a participative training course to be held in the Harvey Centre for 12 Thursday nights, from Jan 19, 2022.

Hosted in the relaxing Phoenix Live Lounge the course is inspired by the British Council’s Active Citizens programme. Andy Thornton, CEO of MRCT was previously a Global Facilitator of the course, working for 12 years in South East Asia, the Middle East and across Europe.

To date over 400,000 have taken part in the course worldwide in 46 countries around the world.

Now there is space for 30 more to take part in our town.

Andy said: “This is a highly interactive and participative course. If you think learning is boring, I hope to make you think again! It took off around the world because it is so effective – not only developing the skills for making the world a better place, but also giving people inspiration and experience that truly changes their life. I have seen it time and time again, that’s why I believe in it and want to share that with people in my hometown.”

Andy helped introduce the course to universities and colleges across Pakistan where it became a standard element for students:

“This course breaks down barriers between people, enabling them to understand their neighbours better and to lessen conflicts. That’s why I have been in Asia and the Lebanon and Palestine –countries who live with plenty of social tension. Thankfully Harlow doesn’t have much of that, but I think everyone can imagine improvements. If you would like to be part of those improvements – this is for you!”

The course will cost £36 to cover refreshments, and is free for those on benefits.

Full details are here: https://mrct.org.uk/harlowchangemakers/

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