MP Robert Halfon issues further statement on Downing Street parties investigation

Health / Thu 9th Dec 2021 at 01:46pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a statement in the shadow of investigations of alleged covid breaches in Downing Street.

Robert Halfon said: “People in Harlow and across the country have selflessly abided by the Government’s rules since the onset of the pandemic. Many have struggled and suffered over the past eighteen months living under the restrictions imposed on them to deal with COVID-19 and its various mutations.

“Due to my conditions of spastic diplegia in my legs (a version of cerebral palsy), osteoarthritis and significant asthma, I myself stayed at home, working from there, for over a year as a shielded person. I took all due care not to break the regulations in order to protect everyone’s health.

“Shockingly, it has now emerged that a number of Christmas parties may have been held at 10 Downing Street last year and one at the Department of Education which was directly responsible for closing schools, to the detriment of millions of pupils. This party, it seems, was attended by the then-Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, and his top civil servant.

“Yesterday afternoon the Prime Minister announced that the Cabinet Secretary Simon Case will launch an investigation to establish all the facts as to whether any parties did indeed take place, and whether any rules were broken. So far, whilst not denying that there were gatherings, the Government has consistently stated that no rules were broken.

“I fully understand the anger and frustration that reports of partying in Number 10 and Whitehall have provoked and particularly the fury caused by the disgusting video which has emerged. I welcome the fact that the Press Secretary who “starred” in it, Allegra Stratton, has now resigned.

“However, I would ask that we all – difficult though it may be – do wait until the investigation has concluded before reaching any final judgements.

“In saying this, I would strongly urge the Prime Minister to allow Simon Case to look into all allegations of parties held over the lockdown periods of November, and December 2020.

“The full investigation must be conducted as a matter of the utmost urgency. If it is found that rules were broken, then the organisers, attendees and those who knew of or condoned such parties should be held fully accountable.

“I will monitor the progress of the investigation closely. Once the results are published, I will respond accordingly depending on the findings.
“In the meantime, I wish you, your family and friends well over the Christmas period and the New Year.”


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12 Comments for MP Robert Halfon issues further statement on Downing Street parties investigation:

David Forman
2021-12-09 15:17:46

Hey Robert, that's the second time Boris has dropped you in the sticky stuff. Taking Boris "at his word" was not the best tactic after all. I hope you learn to be more skeptical of Boris in 2022. Anyhow, Robert, best wishes to you and Vanda for Xmas and the New Year.

2021-12-09 17:11:49

Surely it's getting embarrassing continually supporting and covering for the serial liar and incompetent buffoon that's is the leader of the Conservatives, that is something the Party could deal with very quickly.

2021-12-09 17:23:01

Out the barefaced lier that is BORIS JOHNSON enough of these Tory SXXX HEADS the people of this country deserve much better treatment than the POXY TORIES can give us, at the top just a bunch of money motivated morons who’s political slogan is WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME KERR KHINGG.

Benjamin Jeffreys
2021-12-09 18:34:19

Don't know why everyone is so upset, most companies are doing Xmas parties and no one is wearing masks. So is everyone just angry because they got caught? We know they are liars but tell me a government that ain't? Again are we just upset because they are poor liars and got found out and we need to vote in better liars? Sometimes people need to take a look at the bigger picture instead of nit picking on things they can't control.

Neil WB
2021-12-09 18:44:48

Whatever people's political leaning, im pleased that our M.P. is is taking this matter seriously and monitoring the scandalous scenario that has unfolded.

Barry R
2021-12-09 19:04:58

If the case (s) are found to be true being accountable and saying sorry is insufficient and an insult. Sacking/resignations must follow and I will expect Mr Halfon to be a prime advocate of such actions. An MP’s loyalty is to their constituents NOT their party !!

2021-12-09 19:21:37

RH, And your alternative is who exactly.

2021-12-09 19:34:03

Why must we wait until after the investigation? If the past 40 years or so have taught us anything then the "investigation" will be fudged. junior ministers or civil servants will be sacrificed in order to maintain the innocence of senior cabinet ministers, and the press will kow-tow to the will of the government press office. Truth is Mr Halfon you can't trust a Tory.

2021-12-09 20:09:57

Angry !Whilst we couldn't visit our friends and family our Government were out partying... on the orders of the Govt.. Utter hypocracy... Here is what we know so far: 13 November 2020: Sources have told the BBC there were impromptu drinks to mark the exit of the former director of communications at No 10, Lee Cain - but it was staff having drinks at their desks and was over by 20:30. 13 November 2020: Also the date Dominic Cummings left as chief adviser to the PM. Sources told the BBC that several Downing Street staff members attended a gathering with Carrie Johnson in the flat where the prime minister and his wife live above No 11. A source said music was blaring and could be heard elsewhere in the building. But others said to be at the party denied it took place, as did a spokeswoman for Mrs Johnson. 27 November 2020: Another No 10 aide, Cleo Watson, left Downing Street marked by an event. Again, sources said it was not formally organised, but people were having drinks and Mr Johnson made a speech. Mr Cummings has tweeted that no party took place on this date. 10 December 2020: The Department for Education has confirmed it had a gathering in the office to thank staff for their work during the pandemic. Drinks and snacks were brought by those who attended and no outside guests or support staff were invited. 14 December 2020: The Conservatives have confirmed reports that there was an "unauthorised social gathering" in the basement of their party's building, held by the team of the London mayoral candidate at the time, Shaun Bailey. It was described as "raucous". Four Tory staff members have been disciplined. Mr Bailey is facing Labour calls to resign from a London Assembly committee. 18 December 2020: The now infamous Downing Street Christmas party took place on this date, as first reported by the Mirror. A source told the BBC there was food, drinks and games at the gathering that went on past midnight. Another December party: We are still trying to pin down the date of this one, but multiple sources have told the BBC there was a Christmas quiz for No 10 staff in the Cabinet Office, with invitations sent out in advance via email, telling people to form teams of six. Downing Street says it was a "virtual gathering" but sources at the event say there were groups sat together in the room.

2021-12-09 21:35:06

All tories are complicit in gaslighting the U.K. Halfon is as bad as the rest of them an apologist for fraud and failure. The Harlow and U.K. deserves better

Neil Harrington
2021-12-10 08:35:01

Hmm nice bit of political positioning RH, seeing as the education portfolio may be shortly available!! Cynical Moi!!

2021-12-10 15:59:24

im sick of the constant media attention on this so called party that may have happended, concentrate on the real issues at hand rather than this rubbish

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