Letter to Editor: How do those not on-line find out vaccination centres?

Health / Wed 12th Jan 2022 at 04:29pm

Dear Sir,

THE figures for Harlow show that we currently have the highest numbers of Covid infections in Essex. We also have among the lowest rates of vaccination – with the Harlow vaccination figures being approximately 14% below the national average.

Thanks to the work of the West Essex CCG, we have the vaccination clinics (both bookable and walk in) with details being regularly published on line and in Your Harlow. But we still have the relatively low take up.

So my question is, could it be that as 1. We do not have a free local newspaper, 2. Most people do not get Anglia or BBC East TV and 3. because to date there are no posters in the Town Centre or in any of the other local shopping centres telling people where and when they can be vaccinated a large proportion of the population who are not on line quite simply do not know where to go?

So, for example, last week, there was a pop-up clinic in the Phoenix Live Unit on the first floor of the Harvey Centre and I understand that the take up there was poor – but were there any notices either in the Harvey Centre or the Town Centre telling people that the clinic was there and encouraging them to get vaccinated? No!

So although 64,014 have had their first dose, 58,753 the second and 40,397 a booster we still have a way to go, and to protect our local health services and ourselves we simply have to get the vaccination rates higher. I was told that a leaflet had been sent to every home in Harlow, detailing the times whereabouts of the vaccination centre however I understand that in some areas they did not arrive.

So, I am now publicly calling for the CCG with the help of Harlow Council to urgently use, what may seem to some old-fashioned methods such as, information posters in shop windows and on the Harlow Council notice boards to both actively inform residents where and when they can get vaccinated.

Cllr Tony Edwards

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: How do those not on-line find out vaccination centres?:

2022-01-12 19:43:18

Maybe is high because people are stupid today a lady in front of me at till using scanners and not cleaning a man behind me coughing and splattering all over the place vaccines do not stop the spread of covid

David Forman
2022-01-14 01:48:35

I, like Cllr Tony Edwards, recognise the benefits of analogue alongside digital communication. For Tony's information, I did not receive a leaflet about vaccination sites/times in Summers Farm. However, I'm also keen to receive a leaflet from the Labour Party at this end of town, but more than just the solitary one before an election. Tell Aiden to get off the sofa and do some legwork!

tony edwards
2022-01-14 09:52:25

Dave - I was told by the CCG that a leaflet about vaccination sites/times had been sent by them out to all of the homes in Harlow. I know we didn't get one and I am hearing reports of others not getting them to. I am just acutely aware that not everybody has access to digital communication but the CCG and others seem reluctant to recognise this fact.

2022-01-14 18:18:33

I think the bottom line is government bodies do not actually know anything about supporting the public or what works, not without spending millions on think tanks and market research often hashed together and not fit for purpose. As long as there is a paperchain releasing those who make decisions then all is well in event of an enquiry and they'll be safe in their jobs. I've had many a disput with West Essex CCG over mental health service and treatment and even got the ombudsmen involved and ceo of one Trust. As long as they jump to meet the hoops set in a complaint they are not accountable for solving the issue nor addressing the problem, their priority is to silence the complaint and minimise disruption. Highlighting the incredible waste of money, poor care and compassion and frankly how little they actually care about helping! Imagine if they had made posters, they would have been delivered late, had the wrong details on or likely due to procurement procedures be the most expensive posters ever made needing to meet equality, diversity and any other unrealistic requirement set for the bidding process.

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