Rubbish overflows at rat-infested car park in Harlow Town centre (again!)

News / Fri 14th Jan 2022 am31 11:12am

WE have been here before. Back in April 2021, we reported that rubbish was piling high at the back of shops in the heart of Harlow Town Centre.

It is happening again.

As you can see from our film below, the bins are overflowing in the car park at the back of (what was) Little Walk.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “We are in contact with (landowners) Strawberry Star about this and have asked when this will be cleared.”

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20 Comments for Rubbish overflows at rat-infested car park in Harlow Town centre (again!):

Kim Oconnor
2022-01-14 11:25:59

I don't know what you expect, when rubbish is not took away regularly, it has been left just before xmass, and only this week it has been picked up, what do we exactly pay council tax for, nothing is getting done in this town.

2022-01-14 12:07:54

Blends in with the rest of Harlow.

2022-01-14 12:43:47

There is an awful rat problem in the town. The pond by PAH is infested.

2022-01-14 12:58:57

Council officers should be monitoring these situations not left for the media to continually reporting also the managers of these shops shouldn’t be turning a blind eye but sorting private contractors. This is where community wellbeing and pride falls fail of what’s needed. What are the councillors doing? Do they ever walk about? The cabinet member for the environment says she’s out and about? Has she been there? I’m lost for words!

2022-01-14 13:52:12

Surely fines should be put in place and why are the shop owners not on top of this reporting it to their waste management company if it’s not collected, don’t just add to the problem get it solved. Where is common sense these days.

2022-01-14 14:04:00

It might be good for the council to offer recycling services to local businesses, as they already do for residents.

2022-01-14 15:21:53

Matthew yes would be good if they pay for it.

Craig Messenger
2022-01-14 16:04:40

Kim Oconnor this is private land and rubbish is nothing to do with Harlow Council and being paid for out of Council Tax. Land Owners here Strawberry Star are responsible for paying private contractors to remove rubbish, apparently something they are not quick to do. They are not providing shops etc with enough bins etc and arranging regular clearance of rubbish.

2022-01-14 16:42:04

Craig while it may be for strawberry to deal with on the land they own it’s the shops to deal with not the land owner sorry but your wrong.

2022-01-14 16:46:39

So no mention of facts from the cabinet members nor the local councillors. So is this council any different to before or is it the same crap ? What’s the MP doing? This isn’t education so perhaps not interested. What’s the cabinet member for regeneration doing? Probably trying to be like Boris. Get a grip and sort it!

Nicholas Taylor
2022-01-14 17:56:48

At the heart of this problem is that Strawberry Star are sitting on their asset until they can make the most out of their investment. In the meantime they are not making the area secure and that part of the town looks like a tip. Similar situation to the former Square site which closed some 5 years ago. They have no concern for community well being. The Council have limited powers which need to take their course and if the Council remove it, they then have to try and recover the cost to do so. This site is earmarked for a 24 storey block of flats amongst a number of others, that's what we should really be concerned with!

2022-01-14 18:20:29

Nicholas has nothing to do with the land owner it’s everything to do with the business. You clearly either don’t read it don’t relate to comments , you have no. Councillors not do you have any active members in the community so your point is what? I don’t get your consent comment? Explain your desire and also where you intend to change by telling us your pledges? Cut the crap lay it out

2022-01-14 21:09:02

Never mind the pond (Oakwood) near PAH the rats are running riot in our gardens in Upper Park.

2022-01-14 21:55:16

Developers who sit on land should be taxed heavily, the Council should have control over waste disposal if poor, rather than businesses and planning for high rise above 6 floors not granted, we have too many high rise buildings in the town centre already

Matthew 2
2022-01-14 23:40:28

If anyone has been following along, Strawberry Star are actively getting the plans together for this site and are in discussions regularly with the council (hence the updated plans on the portal), they aren't just sitting twidling their thumbs as Nicholas is implying. A site of this scale you can't just snap your fingers and it's done in a few months, it takes years to go through proper process. I for one do welcome more tall buildings in the town centre, I'm fed up hearing from people stuck in the 'good old days' mindset...take a look around the northern end of the town in general...it's a dump. The whole lot needs leveling and dragging into the modern era to create new 'good old days'

Nicholas Taylor
2022-01-15 10:31:27

Lee, the article clearly states that this problem is the responsibility of the land owners, Strawberry Star. They should be ensuring that the tenants of THEIR shops have made arrangements either individually or collectively to take their rubbish away on a regular basis and to ensure that fly tipping from elsewhere does not take place. I do not understand you consent comment, I never mentioned the word. My comment was made as an individual, not on behalf of The Harlow Alliance Party, I suggest you take a look at the HAP website where you will find what we are campaigning on and have done in the past, as do the many articles you will find on yourharlow. Mathew 2 .... Strawberry Star also own the former Gate House site, which was demolished some years ago and by now construction should be well advanced, but no, it has lain empty ever since, as of course has Little Walk for some 7 years. So we are talking years not months. Just building high rise flat blocks will do nothing to attract more visitors or create new 'good old days'. Ten blocks have or will soon be given permission, they will leave no room for new leisure and cultural facilities, such as a new larger theatre, exhibition centre, live music venue, an information centre and exhibits from Harlow Museum, a show case for the regenerated Harlow.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-01-15 14:30:33

Just in case readers are not aware of these proposed (so far) new flat blocks in the town centre they are at; the former Square site, the Kitson Way car park, Market House (with an extra floor on top of it), a block behind Market House, between Terminus House and the hotel, the land next to the old cinema, land behind Boots the chemist and four on the site bounded by Broadwalk, the former Little Walk, part of Gate House and facing Market Square. The Town Centre has been called the windy city in the past, it will get much worse in years to come as things stand.

Damian georgio
2022-01-15 17:14:52

You dirty rats 🐁

2022-01-15 23:21:55

Harlow is a rat infested dump and has been for a few years now - terminus street flats / the new ones being built by the bus station / the square has been sold for flats / above new look / river way / near the train station - I moved because it was no longer safe for me to walk home from railway after work to Turnors… I was followed / threatened / suggestive comments etc many times.. London councils buying up empty offices and moving residents out of their area

2022-01-16 17:57:59

This is the developer strawberry stars responsibility. The tenants of the site pay in to a service charge which the landlord then pay the contractors with. Clearly they haven’t been paid and are refusing to clear the waste. This is not the councils fault nor the tenants. The developer have held this site now for nearly 3 years and made no progress at all apart from create an eye sore with boarded up shops. It’s about time they developed or sold to someone who can.

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