Much-loved and respected Sandra Newens retires after fifty years in education

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BEING a School Governor is not the easiest job in the world.  It takes time, commitment and continuous learning to do the job well and most important of all a strong commitment to the education of all the children in a school.  Sandra Newens has this in bucketfuls.  From the time her own children, at first her daughters and then her son, started school, Sandra became involved in school life.  Over 50 years later she is still involved and has shown herself to be an excellent example of an outstanding Governor.

During these years, Sandra has been a Governor at two local primary schools, Fawbert & Barnard’s and Harlowbury, and one local secondary, Mark Hall.  During her time at Fawbert & Barnard’s and Mark Hall, she also took on the role of Chair of Governors.  Her support of the schools and their Headteachers was always strong and she did all that she could to help ensure that the children had the best education possible.  Sandra has always been approachable, willing to listen and flexible in the changing face of teaching and learning.

However, Sandra’s support has extended beyond that to the schools in Old Harlow but to the whole of education in Harlow.  From 2005 Sandra was instrumental in the establishment of the Harlow Schools Consortium, set up to support all Harlow schools.  As the HSC subsequently evolved into the Harlow Education Consortium in 2009, she continued in her support of Harlow schools finally retiring from this role in 2017.

During the 1980’s Sandra was heavily involved in the campaign to keep the music schools open in Harlow, yet another example of how her commitment to the young people of Harlow manifested itself.

Also in 2017 three primary schools in Harlow became the Templefields Multi-Academy Trust (Harlowbury, Fawbert & Barnard’s and Tanys Dell schools) and Sandra found yet another role in life as a Trustee and Director of the Trust.  As always her commitment to education remained.

 Despite many other commitments (both personal and voluntary), Sandra has remained tireless in her efforts for Harlow children and we would all wish her a very happy and well deserved retirement.

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3 Comments for Much-loved and respected Sandra Newens retires after fifty years in education:

Kay Morrison
2022-01-30 15:17:42

Sandra Newens's contribution to education has been gargantuan, unparalleled: she has influenced uniquely the learning/teaching experience devotedly and assiduously, touching thousands of lives and futures. Such quality and length of service are impossible to emulate! Heroic. Outstanding. You're an amazing human being, Sandra Newens.

Chris Vince
2022-01-30 17:18:03

Thank you Sandra for everything you have done for young people in our town!

Bill Rammell
2022-01-31 05:17:22

As Harlow’s MP for 13 years I saw first hand Sandra’s dedication and commitment to securing the best education for Harlow’s children. Sandra was an enormous force for good in Harlow’s schools. Thank you Sandra.

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