Ukraine: “Mr Halfon’s government’s measures to support people fleeing war have been woefully inadequate”

News / Thu 10th Mar 2022 at 07:13am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has responded to MP Robert Halfon’s reflections on the speech by the President of Ukraine to the House of Commons.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “First of all let me say again that like everyone in Harlow my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine and indeed for Harlow residents who have family and loved ones in Ukraine.  I cannot begin to imagine the anguish that they are suffering at this terrible time.

“I read with interest the article on YH from Harlow’s Conservative MP who described the words of THE PRESIDENT of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky as emotional and up lifting.  First of all I have no doubt that they were and that Mr Halfon was indeed moved by them as were many members of parliament.

However, it is clear that Mr Halfon’s government’s measures to support those people fleeing war have been woefully inadequate.  There have been widespread reports of chaos in Calais with contradicting advice from the home secretary and downing street on the expansion of the visa scheme.  I hope that the Harlow MP will be pressurising his government to provide a more uniformed approach to what is clearly a humanitarian crisis and that we as a nation will do everything that we can to support Ukranian refugees.

“I’d like to finish by saying this war has been instigated by the Russian government and not the Russian people and it is important that we are all mindful of that fact.  I am proud of Harlow’s diversity and it is important that no matter your background, ethnicity of gender you feel safe and free from prejudice in our town”.

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9 Comments for Ukraine: “Mr Halfon’s government’s measures to support people fleeing war have been woefully inadequate”:

David Forman
2022-03-10 08:30:07

An important reminder from Cllr Vince in his last paragraph.

2022-03-10 09:14:30

All wars are by politicians , state the bloomin' obvious.

Marie Compton
2022-03-10 09:22:21

Chris Vince and Harlow Labour are truly scrapping the proverbial barrel to try to distract from the deep splits in the Labour Party. The far left Momentum wing, which controls Harlow Labour is very ambivalent on the war in Ukraine: on the one hand they condemn the Russian invasion, yet blame the UK and NATO, calling for it to be disbanded and for the UK to give up its nuclear arsenal unilaterally, leaving the West defenceless in the face of Russian barbarism. The UK, free of the EU, has led the way in supplying top grade weapons and military training for Ukraine. The UK has pressed EU laggards like Germany and Italy to impose the harshest of sanctions with more to come to strangle the Russian economy. No country has done more to help and our Government has placed us in a position of leadership in supporting Ukraine. We need to send more military aid to help drive the invaders from their soil. Our MP Robert Halfon has been steadfast in his support for Ukraine. Just imagine in this time of international crisis our country had been led by Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott…..!! Perish the thought.

Jamie Henderson
2022-03-10 09:33:54

Harlow Labour Leader, Chris Vince is a total plonker. Our MP Robert Halfon has made a number of posts condemning Russia and supporting Ukraine. The Ukrainians are not like these economic/free loaders in dinghies. They want to live in their own country free and democratic. They are not exactly next door to us. The best support we can give is to send weapons and supplies so they can keep fighting and inflicting maximum damage and loss on the Russians to break their morale. Vince should study some history instead of bleating nonsense.

Mike Bentley
2022-03-10 10:17:39

Ukraine needs more weaponry. British missiles are performing superbly in destroying Russian planes and tanks and inflicting casualties on the invaders. We need to send more and give the Russians a bloody nose. That and everything harsher sanctions is the best way to help Ukraine.

2022-03-10 10:57:24

Putin has categorically said he intends to reestablish the Russian Empire, USSR, he invaded the Crimea, we did nothing: he put troops and 5th columnists into two Ukrainian provinces to establish Russia on Ukrainian land, we did nothing, he initiates a full scale war and we became paper tigers supporting Ukraine by imposing sanctions about which Putin cares not a jot, and to save face, he has doubled down into a total war mode targeting hospitals and civilians. China is already baling Putin out with the promise of two gas and oil pipelines, so he calculates Russia will get round sanctions. And the West quivers, "Mustn't upset Mr Putin" by giving Ukraine a "no fly zone" or even the 27 MIG aircraft they have requested." If we can supply missiles because they are anti aircraft or anti tank and defensive weapons then provide 'anti aircraft and artillery MIG fighter 'aircraft. By the fact that the MIG aircraft are flying above Ukrainian territory in Ukrainian air space against invading Russian forces then by definition they are defensive. If Putin conquers Ukraine then other non NATO countries will be next if the West continues to cower and quiver now because Putin will not stop just as Hitler did not stop at restoring/ conquering German territory lost as a result of ww1. Such dictators aren't wired like rest of us and that's why we are surprised and duped. Latvia, Estonia and the other former Soviet satellites will be next on Putin's list. Better to act now whilst Russian forces are tied into Ukraine. Also we should listen to the exiled opposition leader from Belarus where the constitution has just been rigged to allow Russia to work through Belarus and put nuclear weapons in place. In all humanity we, the West cannot stand by and watch millions die in Ukraine and a domino fall of other Eastern European countries.

Margaret Millington-Drake
2022-03-10 11:55:06

Nostradamus, I share your concern. However, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are NATO members. One foot into their territory triggers Art 5 of the NATO Treaty and brings in all member states automatically, including the UK and USA. Putin will fail. He will be dragged into a mire that will be a burial ground for the Russian forces. The valiant Ukrainian people are on the frontline of the civilised world and deserve our wholehearted support and admiration.

Catherine bilsland
2022-03-10 19:23:15

It’s labour against conservative looking for more votes , Robert Halfon has done a lot for our town and we all feel so deeply saddened about the Ukraine people and people are supporting the cause and will do what they can

George Michaelson
2022-03-10 19:45:39

The naivety of Chris Vince is unbelievable. You do not win wars by being nice. You win wars by destroying your enemy, his morale and the support of the civilians supporting them. Yes, we are not at war with the Russian people, but until they reject Putin, they are part of the problem. When Russians understand the lies things might change. The way to ensure that is to send as many Russians back to their mothers in body bags will accelerate that process. War is obscene, but right must be done. The Russians are breaking all the rules of warfare targeting civilians. Unless the Russians throw down their arms and surrender, the only way is annihilation of the invader. Let’s send them every weapon we can to wipe out the scourge of Putin and his mercenary. God bless Ukraine.

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