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WEDNESDAY was Young Carers Action Day. A national day which seeks to raise awareness of  Young Carers across the UK. The last census estimated the number of Young Carers in the UK as being 700,000 with 10,000 of them living in Essex.  The reality is there are likely to be many more of that as some young carers themselves don’t even recognise themselves as such.

A young carer is anyone under 18 who carers for a family member, be it a parent or sibling, who has a physical or mental disability. This care ranges from cooking dinner to cleaning responsibilities or evening helping that family member around the house.

We believe that our young carers are super hero’s which is why this has been our theme at our club nights this week across Essex including here in Harlow.  One of the issues young carers face is not being able to hang out with their friends or doing after school clubs due to their caring responsibilities. Sometimes they can fall behind at school and are too embarrassed to tell their teachers why. However, if you are a young carer or know anyone who is then there is support our there. 

It is great to get young carers to share experiences, have fun and recognise they are not alone. 

Chris Vince

Young Carers Manager at Action for Family Carers

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2022-03-20 11:50:00

It's good that children should help out in any family but it's surely not good that children should have such responsibilities that they fall into the definition of a "carer". The term "child carer" shouldn't exist: it reflects the history failure to sort the inadequacies and under funding of care services in the UK , a source of shame and a lack of successive governments to recognise the value and expertise such services provide. Even now, after COVID things seem not to have really changed.

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