What is the vaccine take up in your area of Harlow?

General / Tue 19th Apr 2022 at 08:03am

CLOSE to 30% of the population in some parts of Harlow have yet to have their first Covid vaccine.

For comparison, uptake rates are above the 90 per cent mark in a fifth of England’s 6,700-plus districts.

Harlow is divided up to ten areas of approximately 8,000 residents.

Fewer than half of people living in parts of LondonBirmingham and Leeds have had their first Covid jab, official statistics show. 

Britain’s landmark inoculation drive has been credited with saving tens of thousands of lives, keeping pressure off of the NHS and consigning the darkest days of the pandemic to history.

Vaccine data, compiled by the UK Health Security Agency, is based on the percentage of over-12s who’ve been jabbed.

Uptake figures are based on population data from the National Immunisation Management Service, which holds inoculation records for the entire country.

The overall figure for the UK — which began rolling out jabs in December 2020 — sits at 92.1 per cent, according to No10’s coronavirus dashboard

Professor Paul Hunter, an epidemiologist at the University of East Anglia, told MailOnline it is ‘definitely disappointing’ that there are still pockets of the country with low uptake, despite ‘overall high vaccine coverage’.

He said: ‘I suspect many of these areas are areas of relatively high deprivation and/or have a high proportion of ethnic minorities. 

‘It is disappointing that the UK vaccine effort did not manage to do better in persuading these communities to take up the vaccine.’

There is not likely to be ‘much increase’ in vaccine coverage among the least immunised parts of the country in the coming weeks and months, Professor Hunter said.

He added: ‘Now we are getting past the Omicron peak, the large majority of unvaccinated individuals have already had the infection and will have acquired immunity so we are not at the beginning with these populations. 

‘I would still encourage people to still come forward for vaccination even if they have had an infection as hybrid immunity does seem to offer the best protection.’ 

Dr David Strain, a medical lecturer at the University of Exeter, told MailOnline the low uptake rate in some parts of the country is likely down to the perception of the vaccine, with ‘insufficient efforts’ made to make information about the benefit and safety of the jab accessible to all.

He said it is ‘worrying’ that the lowest uptake has occurred in the regions with the most ethnically diverse populations, as these are ‘the same populations that appear to have done worse out of acute Covid infections and therefore have the most to gain’.

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5 Comments for What is the vaccine take up in your area of Harlow?:

2022-04-19 11:20:28

Pretty appalling really, new COVID strains are still appearing and especially now the vaccines work out at being much safer and lower risk than taking a short car journey. People need to look back at times when we didn't have vaccines when TB, smallpox, meningitis and polio annually killed so many it was regarded as almost normal that thousands in the uk would be disabled or die.

Bobby Bobbler
2022-04-19 14:38:58

Would be interesting to see what reasons people have for not getting the vaccine.

2022-04-19 14:59:37

My refusal was simple. It showed less than 1% effective difference in the trails (94% vs 95%) but the vax side of the trials had more deaths from heart issues. It does not stop transmissions or illness and wanes quickly. 1200 people died from the vaccine in the first 3 months on the US of deployment. There is no long term studies and it is not a vaccine - WHO changed the definition several times. Then there is the fact the protection wanes quickly, you are more likely to see adverse reactions the more times you are vaccinated with it. Also the UKHSA just stopped posting Vax/ unvaxed rates per 100K because the triple vaxed have a significantly higher rate than unvaxed. Which is rather problematic Now you will write me off as an anti vaxer which is not true I have had everyone going except this. But I am not talking something like this which is not tested, or safe. By the way the swine flu vax from the 2009 pandemic was stopped after it resulted in 50 deaths. Now look at all the heart issues this vaccine is causing and clots along with deaths. It is the reason there is roll off from 1st to 3 rd Jab As for saying I got covid and was triple jabbed, I felt horrible thank god for the jab. you do not know if the jab made it better or worse (we will never know as each person responds differently) I wonder how long this comment which is factual will stay up

Adam Osen
2022-04-19 16:16:29

It would be fascinating to know the rates of Long Covid and Covid deaths by area. Even if they correlated, that wouldn’t prove the effectiveness of the vaccines, because there could be other relevant differences between the areas, such as affluence or population density, but it might be an indication. If there wasn’t a correlation that would seem to indicate that vaccines are not significantly effective. All that said, statistics are slippery things.

2022-04-19 20:24:45

I had 2 jabs so we could get back to normal I won’t be having anymore and my children won’t be having them either, too many side effects to them I didn’t even have the flu jab last year like normal and I never had any colds or coughs and neither has my children I refused to let them have it too

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