Leader of Harlow Labour: “Boris Johnson is still treating the British public with contempt”

Elections / Wed 4th May 2022 am31 06:13am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Labour Group has made an appeal to voters on the eve of vital local elections.

Councillor Chris Vince said:

“With less than a day until the local elections Boris Johnson is still treating the British public with contempt

The Conservative Prime Minister’s latest claim is that he only attended an Abba theme party in lock down to conduct a job interview. I have conducted a number of job interviews in my time but I can say with certainty I didn’t do it with Abba songs being played in the background.  Perhaps he was looking to retitle one of the songs ‘no money, no money, no money’ as his Government’s decisions have led to a cost of living crisis meaning many families in Harlow are really struggling.

Before the comments come in I’ll admit that I am a lifelong Labour voter and will never vote Conservative.  However, I also acknowledge that not all Conservatives are evil or the bad guys, something I pointed out in the council chamber. In fact I have a begrudging respect for former

Conservative Prime Minister John Major whom although I didn’t often agree with on policy, always conducted himself with dignity and professionalism.  Let’s be clear there is a big difference between a statesman like Major and Boris Johnson, a man who has been found to have broken the law but is so determined to cling on to power for himself that he doesn’t mind demeaning the office of Prime Minister.  Meanwhile his press team are to try to slur the leader of the Labour Party with a photo which was clearly taken before the pandemic.  The evidence for this being the fact the man sitting next to him, Frank Dobson, died in 2019!

However, a poor showing for the Conservatives in the local election will mean that Boris Johnson’s days as Prime Minister are numbered.  Let’s make polling day on the 5th of May Boris Johnson’s waterloo.

“Labour has a clear plan for our country and for Harlow, one which won’t allow petrol companies to make record profits at the same time as petrol prices skyrocket, so please on Thursday vote Labour.  Anything else will let the Conservatives back in and let Boris Johnson off the hook!”

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34 Comments for Leader of Harlow Labour: “Boris Johnson is still treating the British public with contempt”:

Alan salsbury
2022-05-04 08:14:13

People should not confuse national politics with local issues. This guy promoted the Stort River crossing so he certainly would not get my vote. On the other hand when The Tories gained Harlow they too got it voted through. So I would abstain.

Chris Vince
2022-05-04 09:06:52

Hi Alan just to correct I didn't 'promote' the Stort River crossing. In fact I met with protesters and those leading the campaign. However, I was careful not to influence members of the planning committee who made the final decision on the plans. Kind regards Chris V

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-04 09:26:44

Chris Vincent, it was labour's plan to destroy the river stort. It was conservatives who approved it. Theses plans should never of happened, they should never of entered any one minds, who in there right mind thought of this, oh wait a minute Labour. Yes I know you were there at committee I saw you. But it was to little to late. The idea of this came from your party.

Maureen Wood
2022-05-04 09:27:54

Mr Vince, your reply is completely untrue. You and the then Labour administration fully supported the Stort Crossing. It is clearly set out in Labour’s Dec 2020 Harlow Development Plan passed by you and your Labour colleagues. In fact, the crossing is clearly shown on the accompanying map. Be careful when you speak of dishonesty. By the way, you forgot to mention Starmer’s and Raynor’s Beergate!

2022-05-04 09:34:29

I Do find these articles very boring and overcooked! Nothing like re-writing the same story over and over again. it reflects the reality that counsellors don't have any substance behind their reason for standing. I do note that again -they refuse to talk about how they have put profit before people in the fact they allowed Amazon to build so close to people's properties! Labour like to put forward an argument that they are all about the community - in reality, it's far from the truth! What people want is to leave in peace and prosperity - it's not much to ask, of those representing them.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-04 09:36:36

Agree Maureen absolutely true. I've no dought Chris is a nice man , but you reap what you sow.

John Perrin
2022-05-04 09:45:37

Here are the minutes from the Council Meeting in Dec 2020. Chris Vince’s lie and duplicity proven. All the conservative councillors voted against. Your project Me Vince! Adoption of Harlow Local Development Plan (Resolution) Councillor Maggie Hulcoop Abstain Councillor Bob Davis For Councillor David Carter Against Councillor Simon Carter Against Councillor Joel Charles Against Councillor Nick Churchill Against Councillor Jean Clark For Councillor Mike Danvers For Councillor Jodi Dunne For Councillor Tony Edwards For Councillor Michael Garnett Against Councillor Michael Hardware Against Councillor Eugenie Harvey For Councillor Mark Ingall For Councillor Shannon Jezzard For Councillor Andrew Johnson Against Councillor Eddie Johnson Against Councillor Shona Johnson Against Councillor Sue Livings Against Councillor Stefan Mullard For Councillor Russell Perrin Against Councillor Danny Purton For Councillor Lanie Shears For Councillor Clive Souter Against Councillor John Strachan For Councillor Chris Vince For Councillor Phil Waite For Councillor Nancy Watson For Councillor Mark Wilkinson For Carried

Susan Townsend
2022-05-04 10:00:32

Let’s not forget how the then Cllr Phil Waite (currently standing in the ward of Great Parndon & Katherines) was head of Planning and by-passed the committee to approve the erection of the Amazon warehouse in Katherines. Yes, AMAZONGATE is yours too, Mr Vince. Great champions of the environment. Am going with the Green Party thanks.

Bruce Downey
2022-05-04 10:12:19

Kim, Building a bridge won’t destroy the river stort, exaggeration to the extreme. It could be a beauty spot in time, look on the bright side.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-04 10:14:22

I am afraid that this article and many others together with posts show readers just what local politics is all about, that is, the blame game. The whole Harlow and Gilston Garden town Development Plan needs to be revisited, the five Councils involved are all Tory led and they could choose to do this, just as a whole host of Councils across the South of England have already done so. These Councils are aware that public opposition to building hundreds of thousands of homes on the Green Belt and agricultural land is no longer sustainable. We need to make better use of existing resources, there are thousands of empty homes across the country, even more second or third homes. Millions of people live in homes which no longer meet their needs, the cost to maintain and heat them is now beyond there means. But what is allowed; the building of matchstick homes costing hundreds of thousands of pounds which in 30 or 40 years time will also not meet the needs of residents. We need to build homes for older and or impaired residents, who in turn would downsize their home, making way for families to move in.

Chris Vince
2022-05-04 10:32:00

The local plan recognises the need for a second crossing should 10 000 be built on the other side of the river stort by Conservative led East Herts council and the potential grid lock it would create. However, it is for the planning committee to agree on the final proposals. Labour Cllrs on that committee had concerns about the details of the plan, as did I, and voted against. My statement above is not a lie and such vicious slurs only show how desperate the conservatives are ahead of tomorrows elections. Mr Salsbury asserted I 'promoted' the need for a second Stort Crossing which I did not. I will leave the lying to the Conservative prime minister. Sadly it is very easy to write vicious things from the safety of anonymity on social media, while being unable to spell my name right apparently, something all politicians of all political colours face regularly. However, such aggression won't stop me standing up for the people of Harlow who have sadly been let down by this Conservative government. Chris Vince.

Chris Vince
2022-05-04 10:40:44

PS Kim thanks for the compliment. I nearly missed it!

David Wallace
2022-05-04 10:47:13

Mr Vince, A post above shows you supported the motion for the Stort Crossing. That is an irrefutable fact. However, leaving that to one side, there was a recent post here under ‘Your Say’ asking Labour to set out their concrete plans were they to regain control of the Council. Nothing was posted. I have received a paper at home: “Harlow Rose” from Harlow Labour. It does not really set out any details of plans or programmes. Why don’t you use this opportunity to spell out clearly what your concrete plans are for Harlow so we can consider. Also, you might like to put on record the current investigations regarding Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor ( who did openly lie) regarding the so called ‘Beergate”. Interested to hear your comments.

Mark Gough
2022-05-04 11:18:06

Harlow and our Nation need some real alternatives to the rubbish options about now. The big two are all about tit for tat playground politics played out by faceless nobodies. The Greens are about the Environment, otherwise loony left. Just look at the shambles that is Brighton and Hove if you let them run anything. Time for a right of centre alternative that actually has policies that people want, and people who understand the job is Public Service, and not Self-service. Sadly tomorrow's election is too soon for that to happen!

Chris Vince
2022-05-04 11:20:09

Hi David I don't intend get in an elongated debate on the comments section of YH however I'll do my best to answer what I can in this format. I have stated my position with regards the crossing above. The prime minister was found guilty of breaking his own rules and fined as well you know. The Labour leader has not and was not. The attacks on the Labour leader are desperate attempts to deflect blame as mentioned in the above article. I can only hope the Conservative Party do the right thing and sack Boris Johnson who is a shame to us all. In respect to the second part of your question, as detailing a full manifesto isn't something I can fit into the comments section, I point you firstly to our shadow budget proposals and secondly to out record in administration, services protected, no jobs lost and all on the wake if a massive 70% cuts in local government finances from this Conservative government (I once again thank both our former finance lead Cllr Danvers and council officers for their work under difficult circumstances). However, happy to discuss further, but again you'll appreciate hard to do in the comments section. Kind regards Chris Vince

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-04 11:34:40

Perhaps Cllr Vince and someone from the Conservatives would answer my points, in particular about re-visiting the Local Plans which have created HGGT? The fact is, at one time or another both Parties have supported or ignored part or all off the Local Plans as they affect those of us already living in the town. In reality much of what is being said is smoke and mirrors, only the Harlow Alliance Party attended and participated in the public examination sessions of the HDC and EFDC Local Plan where we made our objections known.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-04 12:01:41

Well said Nicholas. I may of got your second name wrong, hay hoo it happens and I apologise for that. But that's all I've got wrong. Here that above, the people were ignored.

David Carter
2022-05-04 12:03:33

Let’s get the real truth out their. As it seems Labour and HAP either don’t understand how important the local plan is/was on decisions the council can then make. The local plan was voted for by all Labour councillors and against by all Conservative councillors. After scrutiny by the planning inspector a few changes were made and then it was adopted. This set the precedent for the next 10 years. So when the Stort crossing came to the planning committee All conservatives on the planning committee voted for it and 2 Labour against and one abstained but it Was their local plan. Outcome it was passed. If it had been voted down, the developers would have appealed to the inspector who would have overturned the decision because it was against the local plan. He would have also considered imposing a Fine and Costs on Harlow council. So the 3 Labour councillors who did not vote for it either did not understand the position or were ignorant Of the rules or just were playing to the crowd. As for HAP they should also have known the rules as they have planning people in their ranks Sadly we could not have voted any other way than for the bridge As Labour had already set and had the local plan approved

Ms Klara Bow
2022-05-04 12:03:43

Mark you say the only choice is one right of centre. Surely that's covered by Labour, the LibDems and the Conservatives when it comes to their, say anything to get votes approach to the electorate.

2022-05-04 12:10:30

🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨 Once Tesla starts mass production of their cars, mobile phones and lifelong batteries - The Green Party will be irrelevant.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-04 12:41:07

The green party irrelevant Michelle haha, we have only just got started, we are knew. Let's get of the ground first, haha We desperately need some one standing for green council, or if there is not, you and I will be visiting a museum in years to come , to see some grass, oh look we used to walk on that. Some one has to stop the destruction of our lands. And it won't be labour or conservatives.

David Carter
2022-05-04 13:24:02

Sadly the greens will leave NATO Poor idea

2022-05-04 14:47:21

David Carter your talking National, keep it local… as this election is LOCAL. If both Labour and conservatives put in as much effort in to fixing Harlow as they do to bash one another, Harlow residents wouldn’t be frustrated. Vote Green 2022

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-04 14:55:46

The fact is Councillor Carter, the Tories failed to stand up to the plate when it really mattered both in terms of the Epping Forest D C Local Plan and that of Harlow D C. Your Party raised no objection to the Planning Inspector for either Plan when it really mattered and but for the Harlow Alliance Party six sites including the one behind you home would have been included for development. Your Party are now proposing 20 homes for Pollard Hatch and to date have not given any information to residents or the shopkeepers. Your Party have always favoured development to the North of the Town, it is not to late to revisit the Local Plan. Your fellow Conservative Councillors across the Country are doing this. The Planning Applications for the Stort crossings could have been delayed subject to such a review.

David carter
2022-05-04 16:37:08

More outright lies from Nick Taylor No such plan is proposed for Pollards Hatch No 20 house plan Scaremongering the local people Blatant lies

Peter Henegan
2022-05-04 17:25:03

Nationally, i have no doubt that we need a change of govt, locally I find it hard to call. The sad fact is that I don't really know what Labour want to do with Harlow. The Conservatives seem to rely on mis truths and part representations eg Harlow Council will give us £205 (reality is £150 is from central govt because our bills will be £100s more) or we are getting a new hospital. If Harlow Alliance had a candidate in my ward i would vote for them, they havent so i guess it is time to go green

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-04 18:14:54

Councillor Carter, you must have 'missed' this then, page 88 of the Cabinet meeting of 24 March, Cllr Swords lists the schemes which will form phase two of the Tory so called house building boom. Close to the top is Pollard Hatch, which already has a consultant budget approved and gives details of the Lead Consultant architects. If your party is not to drag it's heals like Labour did, it needs to press on with plans for phase two sooner rather than later. Labour's plan was for 16 homes, the plan now is for 20 homes. Can I have an apology for your comments about me?

Edward Huxtable
2022-05-04 18:17:27

Mr Henegan . And I thought you was a Labour party member . That's why you don't come out some Mondays, so you can go to Labour party meetings.

2022-05-04 19:19:59

These people locked you in your house, destroyed your lives for 2 years and then lied about the impacts of it. Hint inflation we are seeing is not due to Russia but Covid Response. By winter it will be appallingly bad Same with conservatives, greens are communists wrapped in green agenda only thing to do is vote independent or spoil ballot paper

Edward Huxtable
2022-05-04 20:12:15

Adam . I think you will find it was China that kept us locked in our homes, and Boris got us out again by being on the ball with the vaccination roll out.

Karen Wildhirte
2022-05-05 06:01:29

Michelle is a musk fan! Lord have mercy.nothing more than a international scam artist. He’s the new Bernie Madoff, put out such little “innovation” and constant delays - yet obtains and secures billions in funding from governmental and private sector funding. All his “ideas” are not his own, are adapted and repurposed from older, failed technologies. If you’re honestly thinking that your favourite “techno king” is going to be anything more than a car salesman then you should wake up.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-05-05 12:49:07

As a point of clarification Re:EASTERN STORT CROSSING. All Councillors were invited to to see for themselves the full implications should the plan go ahead in its current form, Many Cllrs including Mr Vince took up that offer and all were dismayed at the Enviromental impacts and sheer scale of this project (the Local Plan had no detail and could equally have been a twee bridge and country lane) The Save our Stort and Friends of Latton Island Campaign has always remained Apolitical and draws support from all parties. Robert Halfon MP, Jacob Rees Mogg MP supported our campaign as did many Harlow cllrs including Clr Colleen Morrison, Clr Tony Edwards, and Clr David Carter to name only a few and I thank them all for their kind words. The campaign is not over, still far few people in Harlow are aware that a large chunk of Enviromental Green belt including a nature reserve that was adapted into Harlow Town Park in 1982 is to be taken from us.

2022-05-05 12:55:44

I will add that the Harlow Alliance Party have steadfastly opposed these applications long before I was even aware of them, as are the Harlow Green Party. It really is the time that we should be demanding that our politicians act for the long term good of our town.

2022-05-05 13:44:04

Please would someone resolve an apparent contradiction for me? David Carter is saying it is blatant lies and there is no 20 house plan for Pollard Hatch and this is scaremongering the local people. Why does page 88 of the report pack from the Harlow Cabinet on 24th March 2022 show Pollard Hatch as an 'Identified Scheme' with 20 units and Consultant Budget approved for McBains Limited?

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