Conservatives retain control of Harlow Council

Elections / Fri 6th May 2022 am31 01:32am

THE CONSERVATIVES have retained control of Harlow Council.

The council composition remains Conservatives 21 and Labour 12.

The Tories gained Bush Fair and Harlow Common.

Labour gained Mark Hall and Toddbrook.

Bush Fair 

Marco Lorenzini (Conservative): 678

Kay Morrison (Labour): 674

Jennifer Steadman (Green): 116

William Tennison (Lib Dem): 46

Cons Gain

Majority: 4

Turnout: 27.64%


Church Langley

Nicola Purse (Conservative): 1231

Ed Ray (Labour): 370

Bengeman White (Green): 166

Cons Hold

Turnout: 27.67%

Maj: 861


Great Parndon

Stephen LeMay (Conservative): 864

Phil Waite (Labour): 494

Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party): 297

Cons Hold

Turnout: 34.11%

Maj: 370


Harlow Common

Stacey Seales (Conservative): 801

Maggie Hulcoop (Labour): 750

Sally Hardcastle (Green): 116

Cons Gain

Turnout: 30.76%

Maj: 51


Little Parndon and Hare Street

Tony Durcan (Lab) 925

Danielle Brown (Cons): 687

Klara Bow (Green): 186

Lab Hold

Turnout: 27.8%

Maj: 238


Mark Hall

Lanie Shears (Labour): 673

John Steer (Cons) 634

Jamie Gilbert (Green) 248

Lab Gain

Turnout: 29.43%

Maj: 39



James Griggs (Labour): 791

Jacob Daniels (Conservative): 625

Sarah Jarvis (Green): 168

Lab Hold

Turnout: 27.67%

Maj: 166


Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Conservative): 1266

Liam Kerrigan (Labour): 698

Yasmin Gregory (Green): 383

Paul Lenihan (Trade Unionist and Socialist Candidate): 46

Cons Hold

Turnout: 29.3%

Maj: 568


Staple Tye

Michael Hardware (Conservative): 717

Stefan Mullard (Labour): 535

Lewis Brand (Green): 115

Cons Hold

Turnout: 26.7%

Maj: 182


Sumners and Kingsmoor

Nick Churchill (Conservative): 763

Aiden O’Dell (Labour): 474

Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party): 163

Terry Patrick (Green): 76

Cons Hold

Turnout: 29.17%

Majority: 289



Tony Edwards (Labour): 798

Daniella Pritchard (Labour): 756

Emma Ghaffari (Conservative): 659

Emma Hellett (Conservative): 600

Julie Taylor (Green): 203

Lab Hold

Lab Gain

Turnout: 29.1%

Maj: 139

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22 Comments for Conservatives retain control of Harlow Council:

2022-05-06 04:58:04

The celebration picture is very diverse I see.

2022-05-06 05:40:08

Congratulations Steve Le May....

2022-05-06 05:42:01

Luis have you seen the government leaders of Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal?? Very diverse..........

David Forman
2022-05-06 05:43:42

Labour in Harlow did not improve their standing on the Council and remain the 'dirty dozen' despite Partygate. Labour Leader Chris Vince's strategy of pushing national issues failed miserably and he should be seen as a spent force in Harlow politics. However, Cllr Vince has his eye on a job at Westminster and will be off when a chance comes up. Well done to all the new councillors.

2022-05-06 05:46:57

Pathetic comment from Luis.

2022-05-06 06:01:27

Luis getting the hump that white people are councilors in England. You have to ask yourself if he'd be just as enraged if he saw Asian councilors in a picture after a local Inidian election.

geoff turner
2022-05-06 06:08:10

well im glad its over now we wont see them for another year

2022-05-06 06:17:29

You lot are mental if you think I’ve got the hump? I was actually pointing out the diversity there in the picture. We’ve got young and old together, male and female, we’ve got a black lady (although obscured by a gentleman’s head), we’ve got Robert Halfon who is disabled, and we’ve got a couple Asian individuals present. I didn’t say anything negative here? I’m actually glad to see it’s not all the same tie wearing, suited up suckers for once. I never said anything about race...

2022-05-06 06:19:13

By the way - diversity isn’t just limited to a skin colour...

2022-05-06 07:44:09

We'll never get change as long as people keep voting for the same band of merry shysters, liars and corporate representatives that are both Tory at heart. But when elections are just glorified popularity contests should we be surprised?

Craig Messenger
2022-05-06 07:56:48

Danny we have got a change, last time round, for years Harlow was run by Labour wrecking the Town, and Town voted to get rid of merry shysters and liars. What change are you talking about.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-06 08:12:21

Russell perrin talks of environment. While his party approved the trashing of the river stort valley. Planting a few trees, which won't benift us till at least 50 years, while vandalising the river. I hope that this council can get back to local issues, and listening to the needs and wants of Harlow people. Labour, and conservatives will be remembered for destroying the river. But I hope they have learnt to listen to public options.

2022-05-06 10:05:03

Craig you are saying it's now time to let the Tories continue wrecking the town!!! Which of course they are doing and will continue to do as they overload it with 20 story slums, traffic and flooding and sewage from Gilston plus the odd monster warehouse they didn't see coming!! Tories are funded by property developers and consultants. They are led by a property consultant. See declared interests Harlow Cllrs.

2022-05-06 11:02:27

Never mind all the bickering just get on with the job and get cyclists, e scooters and cars off the foot paths

2022-05-06 11:13:59

Old Harlow resident here, I never saw a thing by any party other than a leaflet from Charles. Not one bit of information of other parties intentions, policies or whatever was given, zero canvassing in my area. I'd never vote Tory, but it doesn't shock me that they still did so well, partly due to the lacklustre effort from other parties.

2022-05-06 14:08:57

Luis is even more pathetic than I suspected.

2022-05-06 14:41:50

The figure we should be looking at is the turnout. Two thirds of the town didn’t vote. What councilors should been asking themselves why? Are people fed up with the state of their areas. We are promised the earth but nothing materializes. Everything is always blamed on the previous council.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-05-06 15:29:52

@ Kim O'connor, with the exception of the real risk of trashing the Stort, completely removing a HDC wildlife sanctuary to make way for construction logistics to build the crossing which is Greenbelt and incorporated into Harlow Town Park, all of which they will blame on Labour whilst voting it through themselves..sigh..But I will say the Conservative amin are really trying on "some" enviromental issues post COP26, you don't hear much from Cllr Alastair Gunn but he is working diligently in the background, as Enviroment portfolio holder, I've come across a couple of his reports now on achieving net0carbon reduction. All to the good

Jason Stamford
2022-05-06 17:13:41

So glad Maggie Hulcoop lost, she was a useless councillor and did not deserve the position

2022-05-06 22:51:47

Mike turnout is nearly always around 30% for local elections, I also didn't vote because I havent a clue who I'm voting for and like someone else mentioned barely anyone going door to door.

Benjamin Jeffreys
2022-05-07 07:56:36

Well done everyone congratulations we are going in the same direction again.....

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-07 09:52:16

Neil, while I think there intentions are very good, there ideas are brilliant, can only be a good thing. But in reality, while there building thousands an thousands of unaffordable homes, on lands that need to be kept as green , because of flood issues ect ect, providing more and even more traffic, I just carnt see carbon admissions coming down, it will increase, we won't be all driving around in electric cars, it would be a great day if this happens don't get me wrong, but in reality, will it happen in our life time, lots they have to get right, battery s , costs, power points, I see it a very long way of. As for saving on heating, it's great if they put theses ideas forward on new homes, and there focus seems to be on new builds, while old builds are being neglected. I'm in a council house, I've had window nearly falling out for 2 years, yesterday they came, he said it should be double glazed, I will fix it , but if I do they won't replace it, two of had to be fixed, in reality the hole window needs replacing. Is this a good example 🤔. I've no doubt that Alastair Gunn intentions are good. His had since 2016, we as local people, and listening to others, have not seen much change.

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