Senior politicians respond to local election results in Harlow

Elections / Fri 6th May 2022 am31 02:18am

SENIOR politicians have responded to local election results in Harlow.

YH spoke to Harlow MP Robert Halfon as well as the Harlow Council leader, Russell Perrin.

We also spoke to Harlow Labour Group leader Chris Vince.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon

Harlow Council Leader Russell Perrin

Harlow Labour Group leader Chris Vince

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3 Comments for Senior politicians respond to local election results in Harlow:

2022-05-06 07:39:56

Absolute failure on the part of all parties? Why? Turn out! Yet again abysmally low. Again a failure to engage. It shows that the people don't see that politics and politicians engage with their lives, why because most of the main parties and their Councillors always take a "We know best " attitude and plough on towing party lines regardless. And so "another fine mess" will result. Just remember being a politician is almost the only profession for which you don't need any qualifications or experience!!

Steven Harknett
2022-05-06 07:47:05

Management and parenting being the others. This shower are not fit to get me a car parking ticket.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-06 08:27:25

I am sorry to say that by and large apathy towards politics and politicians in general was the most common view expressed by those residents we spoke to in the last couple of months. In the Ward that I Contested on behalf of HAP, two thirds of those eligible to vote did not take the trouble to do so. This means that the new Conservative Councillor who is now part of the team that determines many aspects of where we live and work, received votes from just 17% of those who were eligible to vote.

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