Harlow Conservatives thank residents following the 2022 local elections

Elections / Sat 7th May 2022 at 06:39am

THE Harlow Conservatives have thanked residents across the town following the 2022 local elections. 

A spokesperson said: “This election was about the future of our town and who you wanted to run Harlow Council. We are humbled to be leading the council into our second year and we have heard loud and clear the changes that residents want to see. 

“Now is not the time for more political promises, but for getting on with the job and delivering on our pledges to residents. That is what we will be working relentlessly to do. 

“We are delighted to have had new Conservative Councillors elected in Harlow Common and Bush Fair, building on our success from last year. 

“We pay sincere tribute to the formidable John Steer who worked hard every day to serve the residents of Mark Hall. He is a vociferous campaigner, a fountain of knowledge and a brilliant champion for the Conservative values. He will be back and we are proud of everything John has done.

“We will repay the faith you have placed in us and get on with the job of making Harlow the best town in Britain.”

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5 Comments for Harlow Conservatives thank residents following the 2022 local elections:

David Hughes
2022-05-07 08:30:20

You've done nothing to deserve it. I'm gutted

David Forman
2022-05-07 10:26:16

I will be hoping Harlow receives a regenerated town centre as promised by the very able Cllr Dan Swords.

Janet flanagan
2022-05-07 10:57:53

I really glad a conservative council has been returned, we didn't need those labour wasters.

2022-05-07 15:40:30

Maybe they can have a party that’s legal now!….smug bunch of tw##s

Marlene Davies
2022-05-08 04:14:36

This is a great and deserved result. It is truly pleasing to see that Harlow is becoming a safe seat for the Conservatives both Parliamentary and District Council after so many years of Labour failure and waste. The demographics of Harlow are changing leading to more highly qualified and skilled people moving here. This is beneficial to the town. Furthermore, the new boundaries will add more Tory voters. The outlook is very positive.

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