Opportunity Harlow: Getting your cyber security sorted to work with big businesses

Business / Wed 11th May 2022 am31 07:25am

ATTENDEES at this week’s Opportunity Harlow event were given a fascinating, and somewhat startling, insight into data protection and cyber-attacks, including the methods used, and weaknesses exploited by hackers.

Cyber-attacks are the single largest risk to businesses

Our expert speakers from Raytheon UK and Digital Pathways covered how cyber-attacks are the single largest risk to businesses. They explained that the future survival and reputation of a company depends on their level of protection against these cyber risks and threats, and that companies are only as strong as their weakest link, which is typically the supply chain.

SMEs wanting to win new business contracts from larger businesses and organisations, in either the private or public sector, need not only protect their business data but demonstrate to their customers that they understand the risks and can evidence the measures they are taking to guard against them.

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2 Comments for Opportunity Harlow: Getting your cyber security sorted to work with big businesses:

Matthew Saggers
2022-05-11 20:58:02

A great session for small business in Harlow to understand IT problems and protecting their data and business from cyber attack.

2022-05-11 22:06:19

Colin Tankard gave a particularly interesting presentation and certainly took away some key details of easy changes to be made and systems to implement while raising some serious points and weaknesses we've all been accused of doing! A great couple of hours!

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