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Entertainment / Fri 13th May 2022 am31 06:38am

AFTER two long years, Razed Roof made a triumphant return to the stage at Harlow Playhouse.

This was a showcase of much of their work. Some scenes from work created during lockdown and some excerpts from previous shows.

This was a wonderful celebration of their work.

The audience loved it. They laughed heartily at some scenes (usually due to scene stealing) and were tremendously moved by others.

The expert from Asylum in Trisomy 21 was very emotional but there was utter joy at the triumphant defiance in Assessment Hoop.

A lot of thought must go into the productions. It has to because many of the ideas were so clever. “In Form” was a fantastic celebration of Harlow’s sculpture. All three scenes, “Family Group” “Meat Porters” and “Eve” cleverly wove the three sculptures into their performance.

The show started with a poem called Two Years written by Aaron Staines. The poem made you appreciate how difficult lockdown was for people with learning disabilities.

But there was no self pity here, only celebration and a sense of triumph.

This is also a theatre group that is very proud of the town of Harlow and weaves the town into many of the stories.

We especially liked “A Load of Rubbish” and a cameo by Harlow Labour leader Chris Vince, who like method actor Daniel Day-Lewis spent five years picking up rubbish in his ward in preparation for this role.

Razed Roof can make you laugh and make you cry in an instant.

An enormous amount of hard work must go into the production of all their shows and especially the two back to back performances on Thursday.

There are a lot of unsung heroes but Annette Lidster and her team have created a miracle of theatre with Razed Roof. A wonderful homecoming.

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2022-05-13 17:05:03

I had a brilliant time as a neurodiverse Harlow resident

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