Harlow MP welcomes further investment in the town

Business / Mon 16th May 2022 am31 08:16am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has welcomed further investment in the town.

Mr Halfon dedicates Fridays to travelling the constituency and meeting a range of organisations and individuals in the town.

On Friday, Mr Halfon visited Bristol Street Motors new workshop on River Way.

The MP was impressed with the fact that they have just invested £300,000 into the workshop as well as employing a number of Harlow-based apprentices.

The MP had also visited the Moorhen, where he had discussed apprentices with the owners Greene King.

We caught up with the busy MP to discuss his visits as well as his proposals to combat the cost fo living crisis.

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2 Comments for Harlow MP welcomes further investment in the town:

Stephanie Hargreaves
2022-05-17 09:29:28

Could the local council take into account the money invested with the paralympic games and BUILD on this infrastructure to expand and offer full accessibility to all public areas.....the dots of the journey nees to be joined up and lets put Harlow on the map for being the most accessible town. Dont forget the visually impaired and turn on the talking bus stops or dementia sufferers....Im sure we can do it.

2022-05-18 11:58:08

While great to see real commitment to investment in the town (in contrast to the somewhat uncertain promises around the future of the GSK site and hospital !! ). Though given the appalling state of Harlow’s roads, it would be good to see our MP applying som real pressure on his conservative colleagues in Essex county council to actually address this issue. Suspect the Bristol street motors centre will be spending most of its time repairing suspensions, wheels and tyres. I won’t hold my breath, and instead just brace myself for the usual excuses , responsibility and blame passing that are rolled out by our local councillors/ MP whenever this issue is raised.

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