Harlow Conservatives announce candidate for Bush Fair by-election

Elections / Wed 25th May 2022 at 11:29am

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, and the Harlow Conservatives have backed local resident and doctor Emma Ghaffari to be the new Conservative Councillor for Bush Fair. 

Announcing their candidate, the Conservatives added that “working with Robert Halfon MP and Bush Fair Councillor Dan Swords, Emma Ghaffari will get things done, delivering the real change that’s needed in Bush Fair. Whether it is the parking issues, poor landscape maintenance or the need for regeneration, Emma will work relentlessly to tackle the issues in your street.”

Commenting, Robert Halfon MP said: “I work hard every day to build an even better Bush Fair, but it is only possible with local councillors who get things done. Emma is a local resident and doctor who cares deeply about tackling the issues in your street and making Bush Fair an even better place to live. 
“Building on the £200 Council Tax cut already delivered by the Conservative Council – and the further tax cuts I am campaigning for – Emma is the only candidate in this election who will reduce your Council Tax further. I hope Bush Fair residents will back Emma on 23 June so that working together we can deliver the real change that is needed and tackle the issues in your street.”

Cllr Russell Perrin, Leader of the Harlow Conservatives added: “Last year, you voted for a new Conservative Council and we have been working hard to deliver on your priorities. We’ve cut Council Tax by £200 for Bush Fair families and we’re getting on with the job of making Harlow the best town in Britain. But there is still so much more to do. 

“That’s why we can’t risk allowing yet another Labour Councillor back in to represent you. They failed Bush Fair residents – neglecting the neighbourhood and not delivering on what matters most. Local resident, Emma Ghaffari, will stand up for you and your family and deliver the real change Bush Fair needs. 

“That is the choice at this election – same old Labour councillors neglecting your neighbourhood and hiking your Council Tax or local resident, Emma Ghaffari, who will truly work for you and continue to reduce your Council Tax.”

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10 Comments for Harlow Conservatives announce candidate for Bush Fair by-election:

Janet flanagan
2022-05-25 11:45:27

I will be glad to give my vote to Emma. Good luck.

2022-05-25 12:14:11

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear, we don’t all get a £200 Council tax cut. My Direct debit payable to Harlow Council has increased this year. It wouldn’t be so misleading if you said SOME people get a cut.

David Vincent
2022-05-25 14:38:33

This candidate should avoid any accusations of racism, but dont tell her about the Federation of Conservative Students Nelson Mandela T-shirts! https://www.newstatesman.com/world/2013/12/twitter-fact-check-david-cameron-didnt-want-hang-nelson-mandela-80s

Dr Aldridge Morris
2022-05-25 17:34:19

Do not understand remark about racism.

2022-05-25 18:19:53

Good luck👍

james nicholson
2022-05-25 19:41:37

Sorry but after the previous debacle how can anyone support the conservatives? They ran a racist candidate who won and was forced to resign. Also, you have 3 options, not just, as Cllr Perrin suggested Labour or Conservative, but also Green Party, break the cycle a little and go green

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-25 22:17:23

Four options James. Harlow Alliance. We are the only Party that provides a credible list of alternatives to the path being followed by both the Tories and Labour Party who are hell bent on seeing thousands of homes being built around Harlow, a town centre with thousands of flats in numerous high rise flat blocks, building on the towns green spaces and trashing the Stort Valley.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-26 09:26:26

Russell perrin, I see no change from Labour when it comes to listening to local residents. The river stort valley for one, 6,000 signatures against this monstrosity, that's not listening to residents, you let this go through. And as for local residents, I'll give you one example myself, I have broken windows, leaking windows up stair s and down, the work men came couple of weeks ago, and said theses desperately need replacing to double glazing, BUT IF I FIX THEM, THERE WONT REPLACE THEM. 1 have a door that was badly fitted to start with, let's in rain, cold , the man looked at it, tinkered with it, bit still the same. This week, my mains water tap , you carnt move it, it's corroded, used a simple tool a spanner haha, tried for harf hour, said carnt do it, and went, What's that all about. So if Harlow council workers carnt fix it, you won't replace it, or like the water, do they just give up. Is this really listening to needs of your residents, no course it isn't, and I'm just one. And yes there are more than two party's. So change your mind set, there'd alliance, and there's the green party. People stuck in there ways, ya moan about them both, have a change. We are local people, for local needs.

pete henegan
2022-05-26 13:19:19

Firstly, I see a picture of two ladies, which one is Doctor Emma (very poor reporting YH). Secondly, is she a medical doctor?

James Leppard
2022-05-27 07:42:10

Emma is on the left. She is a bioscientist. Stacy Seales is on the right and was recently elected as a councillor for Harlow Common Ward.

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