Exciting new plans for new council housing to replace garages in Arkwrights

Harlow Council / Sat 28th May 2022 am31 10:33am

PLANS have come forward to replace a series of former garages in Harlow with new social housing reports the LDR Service.

A planning application to build eight two-storey terraced homes for the provision of social housing in the Arkwright Garages site in Harlow has been validated by the district council.

According to a design and access statement by McBains Ltd (MCB), on behalf of Harlow District Council, the Arkwrights Terraces development will consist of two separate buildings.

The site currently consists of former residential garages, which would be demolished if the scheme is approved, and a community garden and allotments to the south, which would be retained.

A section of the statement reads: “In view of the sustainable agenda at national and local levels, the proposals aim to achieve PassivHaus Premium standards and net zero carbon in use.”

A later section reads: “Arkwrights Terraces is essentially a social housing scheme comprising 8no. terraced houses surrounded by high quality shared and private amenity space.”

Vehicle access to the community garden will also be retained, the statement continues.

The site itself is just under 2,000 square metres in size, and located in a residential area to the south east of Harlow.

Arkwrights Play Area and Long Ley Sports Ground are both close to the site, providing green space and also connectivity via the community gardens.

There would be 16 parking spaces, two for each house, plus an additional space for the allotments. One parking space per house will have an electric charging point, the statement continues.

Solar panels will also be fitted to the roofs of the houses and each will have a south facing rear garden.

According to its website, Harlow Council is planning to build hundreds of new council houses over the coming years, with the first phase of its programme consisting of 99 homes completed between 2022 and 2024.

The council will likely decide on whether to approve the application later this year.

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12 Comments for Exciting new plans for new council housing to replace garages in Arkwrights:

2022-05-28 10:39:53

Good luck living next to an allotment in Harlow, it's hell on earth! You would think it's a good thing but I assure you it's not. The allotment users are rude and care very little about residents, wait til you get woke up at 6am with people going in there, in the summer they are there till 10pm some nights, they park like aboslute idiots too. Our allotment looks more like a shanty town then anything else. More building than growing goes on

David stempson
2022-05-28 11:45:31

Arkwrights a.k.a harlow's favelas

2022-05-28 13:09:20

As my son found out after years on the waiting list he would not be considered for housing because he worked, so you can guess who will offered these houses when they are completed !

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-28 13:09:41

It is clear that the thousands of hours spent on producing the Local Plan of December 2020 has gone out of the window because the Tories have come up with schemes on sites which were never in the Plan. This allows them to claim that they have a house building programme bigger than that of Labour. They have failed to consult residents before the Planning Application stage just as the Labour administration failed to do in the past. This behind close doors review of the Local Plan does show one thing though, the same thing (a review of areas set for being built on) could of happened at East Herts and Epping Forest DC, so all the Green Belt around Harlow could remain just that. But money talks, developers make billions of pounds profits and those who will never afford to buy a home remain on council waiting lists. At the very least, this new development should have been for bungalows into which residents living nearby could downsize from their present homes, releasing those homes for families who need them.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-28 19:16:02

Mr Hardware responded to my comments on council houses this week. I mentioned that there s thousands and thousands of unaffordable housing estates being built, Harlow has 5OOO on waiting list, theses properties are unaffordable to most. His reply... People are buying them, haha. My reply, that's because theses builds are bringing in thousands of people from out side Harlow. If people on waiting list were buying them, your waiting list, and Harlow s waiting list would no longer exist. He all so said that the 4 lane bridge going through our beautiful river stort valley, is infact NOT 4 LANES, BUT 2. Nicholas what you make of that.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-28 23:27:17

Kim, I am afraid that this demonstrates that the Tories do not have a clue about the housing crisis faced by so many. Those buying a home WANT a home, often selling up in London to make a profit, but there are few jobs on site at Harlow North so most will have to commute, causing untold damage to the environment. Those on the housing list NEED a home but successive governments fail to recognises that millions of people will never be able to afford or be able to buy a home. Cllr Hardware is right though, the Eastern crossing is not a four lane highway, what we have now is actually worse, because this stretch of the A414 will be a bottleneck of slow moving traffic causing more pollution as the traffic crawls along to and from the Riverway junction.

Simon Carter
2022-05-29 09:51:32

It is often difficult understanding Mr Taylor’s arguments as he meanders around various issues of the local plan far removed from the actual topic. As an assiduous follower of the local plan Mr Taylor will be aware Arkwrights appeared in the Call for Sites as part of the preparation for the local plan over five years ago. Only those sites required to meet the housing numbers appeared in the final Plan, other sites were not excluded from development and could appear as windfalls. As a keen follower of the Stort crossings he will also be aware the Call for Sites schedule appeared in the report at the 23 March Development Management committee – page 367. In desperation, he goes on to claim that developers will make billions from developments, despite it being as clear as day the Arkwrights application is for council houses built by the council on council owned land left derelect by Labour for a decade. He claims there is no consultation? What is this article about if not consultation where there is a detailed application to consider? I would imagine the local residents will be pleased something positive is happening, at long last, to this abandoned site.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-29 13:08:23

Shouldn't be to difficult to understand Simon. I am aware that the call for sites resulted in over 300 being identified, most of which came forward from the Council. There was no information given let alone consultation undertaken with residents living near these sites at that stage. A closer look by the Council reduced this number down to about 80, again no consultation with residents and finally this number was reduced yet again. But for the objections of the Harlow Alliance Party to the Planning Inspector, six greenfield sites would have been concreted over. The purpose of the Local Plan is to give certainty to residents and builders about where sites can be built on. All the other sites are not and should not be seen as potential windfall sites. Only this week we have met a resident who only a few months ago bought a home having been told by the Council that the field at Little Pynchons will not be built on only to find out now that it will be. We have met a number of such residents in the last three years, indeed we tested this by contacting the Councils Planning service about a site and was assured that it would not be built on. The residents at Arkrights have been advised in the past that the garages were to make way for parking and now suddenly it is a new housing development. So much for the Council's Community Engagement strategy, fell at the first hurdle. No disrespect to yourharlow, but from my experience most residents have never heard of it. Comments on facebook might suggest that residents are not as happy as you might have hoped about the Councils proposal. We know that residents across Little Pynchons and Pear Tree Mead are very unhappy at the loss of their green space. Where next? My reference to developers was in the context of HDC bringing forward sites, effectively reviewing the Local Plan by the back door. Neighbouring Councils could do this in public but are choosing not to do so, opening the door to developers to make make huge profits. Your response to this article should put every resident living near a green space on alert, the Tories may concrete over it.

Michael Hardware
2022-05-29 16:55:36

MsOConner, most developments have an element of affordable housing, although not affordable to all. People buy them, the affordable by people on our housing list. Everyone has a housing need but we have not built enough houses for decades, which is why we are where we are now. The answer is to build many more houses, which is what we are trying to do. What is not being built is social housing, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable on the housing lists, but in Harlow we are doing this, hence the right new homes announced here, the first of many announcements to come.

Michael Hardware
2022-05-29 17:13:51

Mr Taylor, the council’s approach to consultation under the Conservative administration is very different than under Labour. We have published our new Statement of Community Involvement, and our Engagement Strategy. Every planning application, including this one, has a consultation period when all residents affected are written to and comments invited. The local plan provides for windfall sites, which this is one. It is previously developed land and does not need to be allocated in the local plan anyway. No one is doing anything by the back door. We, yes a Conservative council, is putting in place plans to build many social houses, something the last Labour council didn’t manage in a decade it was in power.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-29 21:18:43

Your recent strategy is not very different from the previous one, indeed it seems even more reliant on social media than the previous one. I am sure the Council have learned lessons from the disaster the Bynghams development was for residents but you completely miss the point, consultation should be taking place before any planning application is put together, so that discussions can take place about what land is to be used and what it is going to be used for. Residents have clearly been advised that this site was to be used for more parking in the area. The field at Little Pynchons certainly cannot be called a windfall site, how do you explain that one?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-01 10:31:07

By the way Michael, try looking for the the document you refer to on the Council's website, there is a page saying that if agreed it would be put out for consultation, but the document cannot be found and on the consultation page, none are listed. So much for transparency within Harlow Council. Readers will note you have not responded to my question about the field at Little Pynchons.

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