Buddy Up Project launches across Harlow

Communities / Wed 15th Jun 2022 at 09:28am

THE Buddy Up Project has launched across West Essex and supports adults 18+ with learning disabilities, autism or both into accessing the community by pairing them with a buddy.

Referrals can be made via Frontline, simply scan the QR code for your location to be directed to the Frontline website.

The Buddy Up Project needs volunteers to buddy up with individuals and support them in accessing the community. If you’re interested or would like to hear more then please contact Olivia on 07729 109006 or [email protected]

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1 Comment for Buddy Up Project launches across Harlow:

2022-06-16 07:16:04

As an autistic high functioning adult, A)I've never heard of this project or been contacted by anybody who is even remotely interested in mental issues in the town including weccg. B) what is the logic and benefit of "buddying" up? This flyer suggests it's contact for volunteers only. C) let's all paint everybody with the same tar brush, you have a disability, here have a neurotypical person to make it all better and fit in with society. D) why does everybody think a QR code is now the trendy new way to be "inclusive" so many council are adopting it and citing "simply scan this and it'll take you to the right place" why not just put a website link? "More accepting and enabling" what does that even mean?

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