Letter to Editor: Praise to President of Harlow Hindu Society

Communities / Sun 19th Jun 2022 at 08:54am

Dear Editor,

I AM writing this open letter to express my gratitude to Nishall Garala, our local community champion. Nishall is engaged in many different projects and organisations within the town and is a great person at getting things done for the good of the people. Having known Nishall for many years now, I can truly say the work he does is not for recognition but to actually help others, and all for free.

#BigUpHarlow is an excellent initiative, it really helps to promote our town in a good light, and I am certain the people of Harlow are thankful for this. I know that much smaller businesses and organisations also rely on this to promote their work and reach a larger audience, which is vital for them.

Also, as a member of Harlow Hindu Society, I can honestly say Nishall’s work is utterly amazing. As the President of the society, he has really helped bring people together and represented our community at a local authority level. He has led the Hindu community to reach new heights, and I am sure he will continue to strengthen our community at any given point – I’ve also heard he has great plans for the future of the society, so I look forward to seeing what these are.

Also, I speak to local organisations in this letter too; as you know, Nishall is community-driven, so if your organisation needs support or help, Nishall is a person to reach out to. I am certain he will be willing to help however way he can. He wants the best for the town, and I and many people can vouch for his hard work and dedication. Nishall is a positive thinker, problem solver and a true leader.

So, to conclude this letter, thank you Nishall for all your hard work, and thank you for serving our community selflessly.

Yours sincerely,

Ms S Hindocha

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2022-06-22 05:50:46

There’s other great and talented Indian guys out there besides the ones who want to be mr halfons best friend.

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