New partnership with HSBC UK to improve financial literacy

Business / Wed 29th Jun 2022 at 07:47am

ESSEX County Council has joined forces with HSBC UK to bring a series of community pop-up events to residents, sharing the bank’s financial literacy programmes in Essex Libraries.

Financial literacy is seen as a critical life skill and HSBC UK’s award-winning financial education programmes, for those aged 3 to 25, help young people learn about money in fun and meaningful ways.

For adults, the bank’s Financial Wellbeing Programmes help people from all backgrounds to build their resilience and overall financial fitness.

Starting in Colchester this autumn, these new events will provide face-to-face guidance around digital banking, fraud awareness and managing finances.

This will be the first pop-up event in the county, with the events then to be extended to other parts of Essex, supporting the County Council’s Levelling Up strategy.

Cllr Louise McKinlay, Essex County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community, Equality, Partnership and Performance, said: “Business and the private sector have a key role to play in our levelling up ambitions. A strong economy is absolutely essential to enabling people to fulfil their aspirations, but we know that people are facing significant challenges at the moment due to the cost of living rising significantly.

“That is why I am delighted that colleagues from HSBC UK are partnering with us to support our levelling up agenda and we are pleased to announce a new working relationship with the bank.

“HSBC UK, like us, is committed to supporting levelling up in a number of different ways, with a focus on helping young people and adults improve their financial skills and wellbeing.”

Karen Collier, Local Director for the Chelmsford Local Market at HSBC UK, said: “HSBC UK are both passionate about working with Essex County Council and the local communities we serve to improve financial inclusion across the County.”

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3 Comments for New partnership with HSBC UK to improve financial literacy:

Peter Henegan
2022-06-29 09:09:24

I think this is excellent- I hope it will also cover matters like understanding tax codes, NI, pensions and so on

2022-06-29 09:52:37

Just open more branches with staff people can talk with: the online banking world is too vulnerable to scams and for customers often an inefficient way of working. Spending an hour or more getting no answers about simple queries is a typical experience of most people.

David Forman
2022-06-29 10:01:22

I will get to know how skint I am down to the last penny.

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