Letter to Editor: Please support our Harlow pubs

Business / Wed 6th Jul 2022 am31 07:50am

THE Humming Bird, The Chequers (Commonside Road), The Painted Lady, The Archers Dart, The Garden Tiger, The Marquis of Granby, The Square, various night clubs and social clubs and now the most recent (possibly temporary) closure of the Clock House. 

I may have missed a few names, but my point is a simple one:- Harlow is losing way too many social venues of which many have been knocked down and will never return. Local communities lose a gathering place, local businesses to each loss have been affected by less footfall through their respective doors. 

If the public want to keep their community, local businesses and their local public house then wake up, help support them, look after, them, stop causing trouble and treating them as if they will always be there, as the list above proves they won’t if you don’t.

All the current Publicans in Harlow are trying to provide a great place for you to enjoy. They work very long hours, work extremely hard because they don’t want another pub to get turned into flats or disappear for ever. 

Come and enjoy our establishments, respect them and they may just survive.

Kindest regards,

Richard Holloway

The Purple Emperor 

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: Please support our Harlow pubs:

2022-07-06 09:30:58

To be honest some pubs in Harlow are so run down l would rather entertain at home the booze is cheaper the glasses and toilet cleaner and the garden and decor better, l don’t have to worry about people getting pissed or drugged up and ruining my night.

2022-07-06 09:55:45

Perhaps if the drunken yobs of today could go out and be social, then they wouldn't get closed down. Seems no one knows when to stop nowadays

alan Bowdidge
2022-07-06 13:16:39

I run a pub please understand

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