Mindfulness in schools does not improve mental health, study finds

Education: Secondary / Wed 13th Jul 2022 at 06:18am

SCHOOL-based mindfulness training does not appear to boost wellbeing or improve the mental health of teenagers, according to research that found many pupils were bored by the course and did not practise it at home reports The Guardian.

At a time when concern is mounting about poor mental heath among children and young people in the UK, researchers wanted to find out whether a universal mindfulness intervention in secondary schools might help build resilience and have a positive impact on pupil wellbeing.

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5 Comments for Mindfulness in schools does not improve mental health, study finds:

2022-07-13 09:23:18

Classes too big, not enough sports and outdoor pursuits, a literally terminal examinations system, overloaded teachers and students and schools with poor facilities little surprise this not putting these right and going for the cheap option of getting us the chill and think of better things and wellbeing hasn't solved anything!

Mr Grumpy
2022-07-13 13:12:37

There is far too much pressure on children in school nowadays. No wonder they are stressed out !! When I was at school it was all about learning and enjoying it. Nowadays, it seems to be all about keeping OFSTED happy !!

2022-07-13 13:30:51

Isn't that a surprise... Mindfulness etc. is just a cheap way to tick a box to say 'look - we're tackling ' without actually looking at what is causing the MH crisis facing children today. Not just isolated to schools either - look at the University of Cambridge with their recent deaths and the Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh for examples of how NOT to have good MH provisions.

David Forman
2022-07-14 10:57:13

Perhaps the school kids would be more mindful if the Tory government increased the number of teachers allowing more time to deal with questions.

2022-07-14 16:57:10

Nothing to do with parents/carers then!! Not their responsibility then!!, all up to the educational facility then! Some parents need to get off their arses because these children are your responsibility.

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