Passmores Academy produce brilliant version of Annie

Education: Secondary / Thu 14th Jul 2022 pm31 12:33pm

LAST night I had the pleasure of watching the production of Annie by Passmores Academy and I was thoroughly impressed writes Emelia De Freitas.

Due to it being a junior musical I wrongly had the view that it may struggle to pull of the demands of a West End musical but I was totally taken back by the skill and professionalism from all the young people on the stage. 

The show opened in the orphanage and was brought to life by the set design and the untidy costumes of the orphans on stage. The opening number revealed Annie’s hope of finding her real parents and the later song “It’s the hard knock life” unveiled how the orphans live and the audience could visibly see the joy the pupils had performing it. 

No part of the stage was untouched and the cast confidently used all of the space including in the aisle. This further engaged the audience as you could always see what was going on. 

Hannah Phelan who played Hannigan embodied the role perfectly, from the strong New York accent put on to the swaying movements indicating the character’s drunkenness, every detail of the character was expertly thought out. I even overheard people in the audience saying she must go on to be in the West End! 

All the songs and dances were performed wonderfully with excellent vocals from all the leads and well thought out choreography which included various dance styles. The song “Easy Street” even included tap. 

The show wouldn’t have been able to go on if it wasn’t for all of the backstage crew. Lighting and sound were applied well to each scene. Costumes and the set design were fabulous and helped to set the scene. Every small detail was included, even a painted picture of Joshua Brown who played Warbucks! 

The diversity within the cast was great and insured that everyone could take part, the stage including a ramp meant that it was accessible for all. 

The amazing cast received a standing ovation by the entire audience which just emphasised the beauty of the production. The cast have performed two of three shows with the last being tonight, a must-see if you can!

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5 Comments for Passmores Academy produce brilliant version of Annie:

Dee Aldrich
2022-07-14 13:17:57

It was theatre standard brilliant

Hells bells
2022-07-14 13:21:40

It was definitely amazing. All cast and crew were fantastic . Months of hard work, rehearsals and even some tears along the way. (Including from me at the end) some real talent there

Jan Kimber
2022-07-14 13:28:23

Absolutely brilliant performance. Congratulations to all pupils and staff involved. We'll done

Pauline S
2022-07-14 21:16:11

Brilliant - BUT ! - being hard of hearing I need the loop system, but it did'nt work on Thursday evening at Passmores.

Christie gladden
2022-07-14 21:29:54

An amazing performance the cast were amazing ! Made me smile all the way through and even brought a tear to my well done to u all

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