MP Robert Halfon gives top marks to £84 million cash boost for Harlow schools

Education: Secondary / Sat 23rd Jul 2022 at 09:59am

HARLOW schools are set to benefit from £84,707,965 as part of the Department for Education’s provisional School Funding Update for 2023/24, an initiative that will help schools plan for their future needs claims Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

Robert Halfon said: “This announcement comes as part of a nationwide commitment to spending £56.8 billion on school funding by 2024/25, a £7 billion cash increase compared with 2021-22.  The investment seeks to build on the Government’s ambition to deliver a world class education for every child, regardless of where they live or their personal circumstances.

“These measures will also include greater targeting for disadvantaged pupils through the national funding formula. Over 9% of the formula will be allocated through deprivation factors, which will help schools close attainment gaps and level up educational opportunities. Support for children with the most severe special educational needs and disabilities will increase by a further £570 million in 2023-24 – on top of the £2.6 billion increase over the last three years. All local authorities will receive at least a 5% increase per head of their 2-18 population, compared to their 2022-23 allocations.  

He continued: “As MP for Harlow and Chair of the Education Committee, I believe firmly in ensuring our schools in Harlow, and across the country, have the resources they need.

“The additional funding announced will go a long way to provide educational opportunities for every child. The increase for children with special educational needs is very important and builds on the recommendations included in the Education Committee’s Report on Special Educational Needs. Parents and children have to wade through a treacle of unkind bureaucracy to get the help they need and I hope that this funding, as well as the Government’s response to the SEND Review provides just that.

 “Teachers and school staff in Harlow and throughout the UK have made heroic efforts to keep our children learning over the pandemic and I believe this new investment will help enable them to continue giving every child a high-quality education.

“Harlow is going from strength to strength.  Today’s funding comes on top of a number of Harlow school building upgrades announced only a couple of months ago through the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund, and additional funding received from the Government’s School Rebuilding Programme.  I will continue to campaign in Parliament for more support to transform our schools and ensure that every child has a chance to climb the ladder of opportunity.”

We will be reaching out to Harlow heads for their response.

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7 Comments for MP Robert Halfon gives top marks to £84 million cash boost for Harlow schools:

Mandy Jacobs
2022-07-23 10:10:19

Looking forward to hearing from Head teachers. Will this funding help to address the urgent need to cover rocketing fuel bills , much needed pay awards and essential air filtration/ air con needed ? My guess is the funding refered to is specifically targeted? Welcome though it is .. What about the basics ? Happy to be proved wrong

David Forman
2022-07-23 12:20:11

Sounds like a good amount of money which is no doubt the result of Robert Halfon's excellent work as Chair of Parliament's Education Select Committee.

gary roberts
2022-07-23 13:06:00

Money will without staff is worthless. Teachers' across all areas of the education sector are leaving. Why? Well that should be a debate not currently being actively addressed. I receive so many emails from teaching agencies, as do many of my peers, about working in schools for say one day a week leading to two because employed teachers are incapacitated, ill or other reasons. The problems are many but pay and conditions is an issue. For example a fully qualified teacher with experience and skill set to match was offered £21,000. Others I know have been insulted by pay just above the living/minimum wage. Until that changes the standards will remain low for students and teachers alike. Not their fault but the current system is failing. I would personally remove "teaching agencies" who in my experience do little for their candidates. One agency phoned and said a local independent school was offering between £15,000 and £17,000 for a senior SEN teaching assistant using an umbrella company system of payment. No wonder no one had applied. It is insulting for the good name of teaching in this country. Mr. Halfon sort it out!

2022-07-24 13:55:57

I hear all these promises and contracts from our MP but never seen improvements. I have many times contacted him on various concerns and he just passes the buck, never sits on the issue until resolved, called lip serviced. Don't hold your breath. With that amount of money if happens will just about make school watertight. There will still be lack of decent teachers offering the students a future

Steven Harknett
2022-07-24 15:24:37

Chair of the education committee.but appeared to know very little about finanancial capability not being a key skill that all kids should have. The state telling us what education.we must embrace is a non starter. Since when did most governments improve the average persons lot in life. Perhaps Robert as chair, can debate with me; where does money come from? and how is it distributed? Here is an easy one Robert, do commercial banks make loans?

Steven Harknett
2022-07-24 15:26:19


2022-07-25 07:07:20

All well and good if these schools this funding so they get the upgrade they need. Mr Halfon didn't you campaign for a new hospital which we are still waiting on all I see is that they are just adding to the old hospital with a new wing and other little bits. Sorry to say this new hospital won't happen. So another Tory lie mmm how many more lies are we going to get before you say anything that is true.

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