Letter to Editor: When will we see improvement in community services in Potter Street?

Politics / Wed 3rd Aug 2022 pm31 03:19pm

A veteran community champion in Potter Street has written to the leader of Harlow Council as he continues to fight for improved facilities in his area.

Dear Cllr. Perrin,

I hope you are well.

I approach you in your capacity as the leader of Harlow Council following my question and supplementary to you at the full council meeting back in early February this year. 

I produce with the permission of Your Harlow a recording of my supplementary question and your detailed response. 

You assured me that the regeneration of Harlow in general and Potter Street in particular was the core objective of your administration. Sadly in respect of Potter Street and the well being hub nothing has been forthcoming. 

Indeed despite your words on the night that specifically stated: 

“However, the Council is working with local residents to deliver a new Potter Street Health and Community Hub. This has been supported by the Council’s staff to get this over the line. I am informed refurbishment work will start soon on the site,” 

I can confirm that nothing has happened since February by either the council or HTS to move this project forward. Please could you explain why? 

Surely you as the leader of the council can get officers to act, otherwise your assurances given to me in February are worthless and shows a clear lack of commitment to getting the well being hub in Potter Street up and running. These services in my community are needed now after four years without any form of medical provision. 

My recent meetings with the WECCG and the lead officer of the new integrated body, Dr. Jane Halpin, has confirmed they are fully behind the development of the well being hub and in providing some medical provision. 

If I can achieve this commitment as a concerned resident you as the leader of the council can tell your officers’ to get the refurbishment completed so the creation of the hub can move forward. If not then where can the residents’ go to improve the town and specifically Potter Street in this case.

It is time to act on this project by the council and delaying it will show your words were just warm in nature with no authority behind them. Please start acting in the interests of my community in Potter Street.

I look forward to a prompt response with a commitment to do, rather than  pontificate.

Keep well and stay safe.

Yours sincerely   

Gary Roberts

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: When will we see improvement in community services in Potter Street?:

David Forman
2022-08-03 17:01:44

Nice to see ordinary citizens holding the Council to account, especially as the Labour Group are not an effective Opposition.

2022-08-03 23:02:05

Which epithet is most appropriate about Harlow Council? "All mouth and no trousers", or "All fur coat and no knickers."

2022-08-04 13:55:41

Whole town is run down, David Forman.

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