Environment boss praises community for help in nurturing wildflowers

News / Thu 4th Aug 2022 at 05:01pm

THE HARLOW councillor in charge of the environment has praised community groups for their work in the town.

YH met up with the Portfolio Holder for the Environment, cllr Nicky Purse (Cons) up on the green opposite St Mary Magdalene Church to fin you more about the wildfire project in Potter Street and across the town.

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8 Comments for Environment boss praises community for help in nurturing wildflowers:

Friends of Latton Island member
2022-08-04 17:33:26

All furcoat and no.....! Just on a few places where people driving into the town get an impression that Harlow cares, can we erect signs says "PS Harlow Council also helped push through plans that will trash the natural nature reserve, the Stort River Valley." One of Cllrs Purse's first actions in office was the vote this through and to have a perfectly healthy ancient oak in Kiln Lane Church Langley, cut down after it had been "ringed" (cut around the trunk to a depth of a couple of inches) in an attempt to kill it: was that HTS that did this? Note: Interview conducted next to what is in biodiversity terms an almost zero biodiversity area on the a field that once was a much used Football pitch.

Charlie hunt
2022-08-04 17:58:58

Shame the pond in potter street not looked after by the community group , Can’t rely on the Environment boss & hts

Tony Durcan
2022-08-04 20:04:10

The original wildflower planting was to celebrate Harlow not promote to those using Harlow as a rat run.. Original sites were about being at the heart of the community not some cheap commercial gimmick. The plan was for all local areas to have their own with access and to help the wildlife not just to place them as some type of attractions as people drive by. The wildflower project was a joint initiative . We asked community groups about best sites and then we ran a successful pilot, It’s sad that yet again it just become something the Tories believe they invented. Shameful arrogance Annoying but not surprising

2022-08-05 01:08:18

I put bee bombs on my lawn. It was hedge trimmed and mowed by the council!! Nobody has been back to trim what’s left. Is it my land or the council’s? Nothing back from them as I rent.

David Forman
2022-08-05 08:40:35

I don't know if Tony Durcan is correct about the original locations for the wildflowers, but the wildflower beds look great. The beds were dug over by HTS using a tractor, which may explain why they were not done in amongst the estates. Ironic for Labour to complain about the environment when their last administration let the grass grow to a crazy height during the pandemic. Other councils in Essex managed to keep the grass tidy despite COVID-19.

Tony Durcan
2022-08-05 09:25:53

This was a collective effort by the Labour council ,HTS and the local community. Suitable sites were chosen after consultation with the community. HTS then had to remove the grass from the chosen site otherwise the wildflowers would never seed.The area was then turned and the seeds we’re sown . The objective was for the pleasure of the local community and to support the wildlife.This with the mass planting of trees was one of the major environmental objective of both Mark Ingall and the late Danny Purton. No political point scoring but let’s not re write history and celebrate everyone’s contribution please.

Nicky purse
2022-08-05 12:24:55

Tony with the greatest respect I was not re writing history I was saying thank to the community. A community which I grow up in and my family still live there. I have up most respect for all my political colleagues across all parties I've never been one to point score and at no point did I mention blue or red. I only want to say thank you to HTS for the work they done and to the residents of potter Street who have taken the time to water the wildflowers.🙏

David Forman
2022-08-07 10:10:05

To Tony Durcan: I believe a lot of the trees planted during the Mark Ingall period died and that was partly due to not having money set aside for maintenance. Plus they looked to be planted too close together.

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