Harlow writer Simon Trelawney publishes first novel

Entertainment / Wed 10th Aug 2022 at 04:30pm

HARLOW writer Simon Trelawney has just published his first novel called “Sherlock Holmes and the Ciphered List”.

We sat down with Simon to talk about the novel, his motivation for writing and whether there will be more novels such as this one?

A synopsis of the book is as follows:

Her predicament enthrals Holmes who knows the blackmailer to be an aide to Count von Runstedt whom he believes to be the head of a German spy ring. He and Watson probe this conspiracy and are plunged into a series of escapades which take them all over London and beyond involving them in burglary, treason and murder.

Holmes obtains a vital document needing decoding and acquires a scrap of paper indicating the whereabouts of top secret government documents which have gone missing, but this too needs unravelling.

It is also a tale of two women, from opposite ends of the social spectrum, who profoundly influence the course of events.

Set against a backdrop of the mounting tension in international affairs in the 1890s this is one of the most politically sensitive of Holmes’s cases.

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