MP Robert Halfon expresses concern over closure of Livingstone House

News / Wed 10th Aug 2022 am31 10:50am

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has provided an update on the work he has been doing on the Livingstone House closure.

Livingstone House, situated on Potter Street, Harlow is a long-standing residential home that takes care of 19 adults aged 18 to 65, with a range of complex learning disabilities. It has seven single-occupancy bedrooms and a two-bedroom flat. The property is a supported living complex run by Sanctuary Housing Association.

However, after a meeting being called last week with Essex County Council, the residents of Livingstone House have been informed that the site is set to be closed down in December due to the building being no longer fit for purpose and that all residents would need to be rehomed by the Council and social services.

Robert Halfon has said:

“The closure of Livingstone House is causing great distress to residents and staff. Numerous constituents have written to my office in the last few days worried about the impacts on their relatives and loved ones. I am concerned that very little notice has been given to residents, staff, and myself about this closure, and that the decision appears to have been reached with little to no consultation with those involved or the wider community.

“I have written to both Essex County Council and Sanctuary Housing outlining my concerns over this decision, and to collect more information about what support is being provided to residents, their families, and employees during this time. 

“I will continue to update all those who have contacted me with questions and concerns about Livingstone House and if anyone reading this has been affected, you can get in touch by emailing me at h[email protected].”

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7 Comments for MP Robert Halfon expresses concern over closure of Livingstone House:

Dave b
2022-08-10 12:15:34

Hopefully now that Robert is on the case there may be hope that the Livingstone house closure could be reversed. We are keeping our fingers cross

2022-08-10 14:14:33

Maybe the local council could get involved as well. I suspect that everyone would support our taxes being spent on these sorts of services. Remember we all have a responsibility for the most vulnerable in our society, and balancing books should not be at the expense of doing the right thing.

Sandra B
2022-08-10 14:31:07

Even if Livingstone house can’t be saved. (I hope it can be saved) They should have had somewhere else ready with the correct care they need before they announced it closing. These vulnerable adults and their families don’t deserve all this extra upset and stress. Hope Robert’s help can resolve this.

2022-08-10 17:22:51

Having a nephew there I’m familiar with the home and am very upset with this news. Some of the residents have no families or support and their fellow residents are their only friends. The announcement said they are going into smaller homes which will mean they’re scattered far and wide in strange places with no friends or support. Which would be a traumatic process for them!

Kim Oconnor
2022-08-12 09:35:51

Mr halfon, there given a 2 million boost to social care, but in the mean time shutting theses homes, and rest bite centres in abundance. There should be a law to protect theses places, for the vulnerable. Theses people should come first all ways, not second best to the developer s . Shame on you. And ironically given this money to spend ,while your closing theses places down.

Alan Leverett
2022-08-12 10:15:30

I think the questions should be asked " What is not fit for purpose". "Is it just the cost of upgrading?" Or "is the Housing Association seeing a valuable site for redevelopment?" I think with the knowledge of what is needed for refurbishment of the premises could stimulate facilitating the work and raising funds for that purpose. This decision on these premises appears to be a financial decision without any regard for the effect on the occupants lives. Lets hope we can get them to rethink and reverse the decision.

Mark R E Gough
2022-08-15 11:16:37

It's my experience that people in these sort of premises are great at fund raising. If the building isn't fit for purpose it shouldn't be too hard to set a fundraising target for a certain date to turn this decision around. Also are there not grants available for certain projects like this. Is this not an example of what Community Funds are for!

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