Fires take grip across a number of fields in Harlow

News / Sat 13th Aug 2022 at 12:59pm

Update: 1530 hrs

A large team of firefighters have worked extremely quickly to bring a field fire in Harlow under control.

Crews were called to a field near Fern Hill Lane at 12.01 today following reports of a fire. Fifteen hectares of stubble and grass, plus 800 metres of hedgerow have been destroyed, with firefighters working hard to prevent the fire from affecting nearby properties. Unfortunately the gardens of three homes have been damaged but the fire did not reach any buildings. Some overhead cables have been affected so UK Power Networks are on site.

At its height, 18 crews of firefighters were at the scene including our Urban Search and Rescue, off road vehicles and incident command unit teams as well as appliances from Hertfordshire and London. Essex Police and East of England Ambulance Trust colleagues were also in attendance.

Group Manager Steve Wintrip said: “The fire is now out. It’s testament to the hard work and tenacity of the fire crews that we were able to stop it damaging homes. It took a lot of effort and everyone did a great job, especially our team in the control room who had to deal with a large number of calls.”

The fire was out by around 2.30pm although some crews remain on scene.

The cause of the fire will be investigated.

A NUMBER of fields on the edge of Harlow are on fire.

Fire crews attended at Spruce Hill and Berecroft and just after 1pm.

There seemed to be two seperate fires. One just south of Spruce Hill in the fields just 100 metres from homes on the southern tip of the estate.

These fires reached to near a house or houses just over the border. We could see a telegraph pole on fire.

Unfortunately, these fires were being assisted as it was very windy up there (you can here it swirl on our film).

It looked like the fire crews were battling them from both sides.

The other fire was very close to the basketball court on Berecroft and near to Rye hIll Road. Again, it was swirling away and the fire crews were taking it on from the Berecroft side.

Residents had their hosepipes out in an attempt to dampen down the tinder dry grass near their properties.

A number of police vehicles were also in attendance.

A spokesperson for Essex Fire service said: “Our crews are at the scene of a field fire near Fern Hill in Harlow.

“If you live nearby, please keep your windows and doors shut and please avoid the area while we deal with this incident. We’ll share updates when we can.

Harlow Council officers are also on the scene.

A spokesperson said: ” Council officers are on the scene and are in contact with the emergency services who are dealing with this incident.

We continue to remain in contact and teams are on standby if further assistance is required.

Residents should follow the fire service’s advice and avoid the area and keep windows and doors shut.

“Further updates will follow from the fire service and we will continue to share these updates”. 

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21 Comments for Fires take grip across a number of fields in Harlow:

Daniel Long
2022-08-13 14:04:37

I bet most of them have been started deliberately but low life's taken the opportunity and advantage of the heatwave.

Alison Sackett
2022-08-13 14:53:13

Can the residents of Spruce Hill that were advised to leave their homes. Return to their homes yet

2022-08-13 15:32:42

Massive thank you to our firefighters who are dealing with all of this, hope you and the public are all safe

2022-08-13 15:37:59

Daniel Long… are you even on this planet? The UK currently feels like it’s hotter than the earths core right now, chances are, maybe the burning sun has made the DRIED grass catch fire??? Duh

2022-08-13 16:23:08

Arson probe field fire off London road recently , so you’re Alien comment is uncalled for, Arsehole arsonists a possible cause As well as many others, sure it will be investigated. Huge appreciation to our hero firefighters.

2022-08-13 17:15:10

Massive thanks to the firefighters. We salute you. Stupid unfounded comments are uncalled for.

2022-08-13 17:24:11

Something i have never seen mentioned regarding the fire risk of late is parking a car on grass with a very hot catalytic converter underneath, More so on longer grass.

2022-08-13 17:52:12

Stop making excuses for them. These were most probably arson began by the low life, career unemployed dope heads that unfortunately populate this town now.

Local resident
2022-08-13 18:36:02

C....I don't know where your head is at but fires don't start just because the sun is hot, don't be silly.....there is always a source of ignition, wether it be a discarded fag end, divvies with a BBQ, a discarded bottle focusing the rays or whatever. Jarrett, given where it was it wasn't a cat. Fact is nobody knows and speculation is pointless.

2022-08-13 19:07:44

C - dried grass does not catch fire on its own, it needs something to set it off. This could have been a piece of broken glass refracted by the sun, or it could have been an absolute idiot throwing a fag end. Any number of reasons could apply. Common sense seems to have disappeared nowadays and people STILL need to be told the same information year upon year regarding grass fires, yet many choose to ignore it. They also need to educate their stupid children too. Maybe if their property catches alight because of a grass fire it might make them pay attention, they’ll soon be bloody moaning then!

.C is for ....
2022-08-13 19:19:52

Wouldn't surprise me if they find a burnt out stolen motorbike after what's been happening in rundells

2022-08-13 20:02:47

Probably the same idiots that started fire behind the green community centre last week they were seen and confronted they still denied it

2022-08-14 08:05:11

LR, It was a generalisation not specific to this incident.

2022-08-14 08:25:43

Dry grass certainly can ignite from the heat of the sun. Take it from someone that's lived in Australia and seen it happen many times on my employers cattle ranch. Glad nobody was hurt. Thanks again to our firefighters.

2022-08-14 09:41:58

Takes me back to the days when farmers used to burn the fields after harvest

Angry resident
2022-08-14 10:06:36

It just so happens that the site up fern hill lane had its usual puff of smoke at 12 from the exact point where they have there bonfires twice a week. Absolutely disgraceful.

2022-08-14 10:23:44

Well done to all the hard working fire fighters

2022-08-14 11:51:18

While the high number of fires in a short period of time would suggest arson, dry grass can combust on its own. Happens a lot in North America in unpopulated areas.

2022-08-14 14:16:05

More often than not it needs a catalyst to start it. Probably either a discarded cigarette or an ember from a nearby bonfire. People shouldn't discard glass bottles in those areas either as the sun can get magnified through them and start a fire.

Mr Tarzen Gregory Williams
2022-08-14 14:32:26

🇬🇧 🙂 💁‍♂️ it's something that i would see in California, U.S.A. & other Serious health issue parts of America 🇺🇸 it's Truly Shocking & i've herd on the news media that it's going to get worse in future Year's to come 😳 -> 🏥🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🛌👨‍⚕️🏥 🚑 Like Heat Stroke victim's will increase 😧 😧 😧 😧

F*** H’town
2022-08-14 17:36:22

Arson 100% fact. Started by H’town chavs or pikeys.

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