Harlow councillors detail plans to combat fires across the town

News / Sun 14th Aug 2022 at 03:18pm

TWO senior Harlow councillors have detailed their plans following a series of field fires across the town.

Portfolio Holder for Communities Joel Charles and Portfolio Holder for Environment Nicky Purse attended the scenes at Spruce Hill and Gilden Way on Saturday.

After consulting with a number of agencies, both councillors met YH back up off Commonside Road to thank Essex Fire Service and the detail the contingency plans in place to combat what may be a recurring problem for the town.

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21 Comments for Harlow councillors detail plans to combat fires across the town:

A Angry resident
2022-08-14 15:38:30

Start with cutting the long grass right back along the strip of land behind our houses at sibneys green like you used to when I first moved here. This includes the strip of land between the travellers site ( where they have there bonfires 3 times a week) and our houses. Why don’t you visit sibneys green instead of banging on about spruce hill that was less affected by the fire? Also when are Harlow council going to cut the brambles down in this area which caused the fire to spread from grass to the houses. We have asked since the winter for this to be done with no response what so ever. Fortunately this time nobody lost there lives, why don’t you act before this is the case?

2022-08-14 15:40:02

Ridiculous😠😠 a few days of SUMMER weather and into a panic.

Mandy Jacobs
2022-08-14 16:04:43

Would also add warning re ditched glass bottles which in hot weather can ignite surrounding area. We have an overwhelming litter problem in Harlow, clogging up ditches and green spaces with combustable 'litter' contributing to fire hazzards. Time for co ordinated , agreed strategy? This is urgent .

2022-08-14 16:05:13

Utterly hopeless. Good photo opportunities for these two councillors, though.

2022-08-14 16:12:04

We didn't start the fire with a bonfire or bbq we just want the council to cut the grass regularly so we are safe. So many of us have been telling you for years, It shouldn't have to come to such an emergency before you listen and put so many people at risk, especially the fire crews.

2022-08-14 16:38:53

Are they going to do a rain dance. It is summer, it happens Like covid politicians are powerless to effect it, but they feel they have to do something otherwise people might workout they are useless

Julie Knevett
2022-08-14 16:47:06

No mention of Sibneys Green which was affected far worse than Spruce Hill? Perhaps you’d like a picture of what was once my shed & my gutters?

David Forman
2022-08-14 16:48:19

If unemployed people would like to help HTS keep the landscape tidy, here is a link to the job vacancies. Yes, that is a plural in vacancies: https://www.fish4.co.uk/job/13068987/gardener/

David Forman
2022-08-14 16:53:13

I forgot to say that HTS gardeners don't have to work in the pouring rain or blizzards due to safety requirements. Two of my past valued gardening colleagues came to HTS as a former HGV driver and the other a scaffolder. HTS will train and mentor you. They are a good, helpful team, so give it a try.

Nicky purse
2022-08-14 17:01:07

Julie Knevett I've seen your shed and garden and sibneys green was affected more. I reassure you we will do everything we can to make sure we can try and mitigate this happening again.

2022-08-14 18:30:01

Left it a bit late, its going to rain

2022-08-14 20:22:44

ive got loads of council trees by me been trying for years to get them trimed back for years they are not interested if the catch light thats the end of my house the hole area is so over grown when htps come to do any work the sit in the van for ages then drive of doing nothink they are a waste of space

2022-08-14 22:06:00

I’ve contacted Emanuel in the landscaping department about a hedge that is nothing but stick... hedges on footpaths that are never maintained.. he does nothing. A neighbour ripped out council hedging and left rumble in a area that now can’t be cut... but has he done anything? nope... the public are reporting and asking for help but getting nothing from the people who are paid to do the job and help!

2022-08-14 22:23:30

David Foreman, I was told by HTS if no gardening experience, no point applying!

2022-08-14 23:50:31

Respected to the fire crews and a thanks it was getting close to my mum's home the council had caused the issue by not cutting and maintaing the Field from fern hill to berecroft when I was a kid it was cut often and never had anything like what we did the other day pore upkeep yet again by Harlow council my kids can't even play on the field out side 300 to 310 berecroft when they visit there nan because it's all overgrown and my mum can't even get out her back gate anymore

2022-08-15 06:29:17

Harlow voters don't get it. Tories win with a promise to cut council tax. GREAT! Er... what services would ypu like us to cut?

2022-08-15 07:13:49

So a few fires and the council get involved..... but the pot holes, the boy racers, the drugs, the anti social behaviour can just be ignored

2022-08-15 09:49:01

No gardening experience no point applying!! Wow HTS is full of those sort of people in all they stand for..they are a lazy load of employees who get a wage for doing next to nothing but find spaces in car parks to sit in HTS vans either to be on their mobiles having a kip or an all day lunch break...you need to get rid of them all & re-employ people who do want to work & will do it a dam site better without being trained..as HTS is one man all jobs!! Sorry but apart from the little Spanish guy who works he's butt off on the lawn mowers around Summers Catherine's etc.. I don't think seen or had anyone from HTS that has done anything right in the years I've lived here. They all need tagging so you can know if they are doing the work they are set to do...4 vans turned up where I live 2 men in each all to get rid of a broken branch... UNBELIEVABLE...then 2 grass cutters to cut already brown scorged grass & kicked up yet more dust.. REALLY. There are loads of areas of grass that have been left long as they say for wildlife but when near housing estates & extreme hot weather well HTS obviously have no filters in their brains nor have people who chuck their cigarette ends or the yobs who think it's hilarious to start small fires that get out of hands..what is wrong with the people of today with the world as it is...Harlow Council & HTS needs a bloody good Shake up to pull back together HARLOW TOWN if it's to go on existing.

Sibneys Green
2022-08-15 11:37:41

Dark sense of humor i presume - taking the photo having the ashes in the background? And what are you trying to say by being in touch with the services? What does this mean in reality? If the crew that couldn't find Sibneys Green access to the fire for a LONG time would arrive 5 mins later the wind and the fire would spread in a extreme pace to the rest of the houses! There would houses on fire and lives in danger. Nobody is looking after these fields. Nor the footpaths around Sibneys Green. To pass by the houses sometimes with a pushchair or a shopping bags you can't pass by without being scratched horribly by the thorns of wild roses or bushes that nobody's looking after. Sorry to say, but seems like the area is being completely lost.

Tony Durcan
2022-08-15 17:42:16

It reminds you of the Boris lookalike councillor, who whilst standing in front of council homes being built,tells us several time we haven’t built any council houses. No doubt they will be out with umbrellas with the MP celebrating that they have allowed it to rain. In Tories you can trust……

Rianna Foster
2022-08-15 22:19:47

Combat the people who start the fires deliberately?? Maybe that’s a good start. Arson is a crime, deal with it before someone dies.

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