Harlow Hindu Society are seeking sponsors

Business / Wed 17th Aug 2022 am31 11:10am

HARLOW Hindu Society is seeking sponsorship from businesses and/or individuals.

If this is something you can help with, then they would love to hear from you.

Full details including contact numbers are below.

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2 Comments for Harlow Hindu Society are seeking sponsors:

2022-08-18 10:51:10

I feel as though this is more about making money then Hinduism, Im happy with my Hare Hare Krishna there's alot of good hindu people but this is greedy.

2022-09-03 12:40:04

Hello Lakshmi, having read you comment, I feel like I had to respond as it seem very unfair to call the Society greedy and not Hinduism focused. Harlow Hindu Society is a voluntary, not for profit organisation; It is organised by a Committee of volunteers, who give up hours of their own time to help others. The Society’s aim is to preserve, practice, protect and uplift Hinduism, and bring together the people who believe in Hinduism from Harlow and the surrounding areas. Organising events cost a lot of money, and we can’t always expect members and non members to donate, especially during the current cost of living crisis. Not only this, but we keep ticket prices for our events very low (sometimes free), so everyone can participate. Asking local businesses for support isn’t greedy, in fact, we are trying to ensure the Society stays viable for years to come, and that Hindus in the town can have a community that they can call their own. All the money raised goes back into the Society and benefits Harlow’s Hindu community. I would love to invite you to our next event, so you can see the events we hold and the work we do should you wish to learn more; my contact details can be found on the poster.

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