Cuts Have Consequences: Fires in Harlow expose Tory cuts to fire service says Labour leader

News / Thu 18th Aug 2022 am31 07:58am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has wanted that the recent fires in Harlow have exposed the dangers of cuts to the fire service in the area.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “In April 2021 during the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner elections I wrote to YourHarlow regarding my concerns about parts of our county being left with virtually no fire cover.  

During my campaign I spoke to a number of firefighters across Essex who were deeply concerned about Conservative cuts to our county’s fire and rescue services which meant that there were 250 less full-time equivalent fire fighters across Essex than in 2010.  The FBU recently reported that since the Conservatives came to power in 2010 there are over 11,000 less fire fighters in the country as a whole.  This despite the fact wildfires were added to the national risk register.

We have seen over the recent heatwave how much at risk Harlow and other parts of Essex are from severe temperatures and the wildfires which it can cause.

I wish to pay tribute to the firefighters, other emergency service workers and Harlow Council officers who responded to the recent wildfire incidents around Harlow. Their extraordinary professionalism prevented a major disaster in our town. 

“However, if we are to adequately protect people from this increasing risk, Essex Fire and Rescue Service needs significant investment to rectify the damage inflicted by over a decades worth of cuts from the Conservative government.  Cuts have consequences!”

Cllr Chris Vince

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4 Comments for Cuts Have Consequences: Fires in Harlow expose Tory cuts to fire service says Labour leader:

2022-08-18 08:19:35

Does Chris Vince really expect to be taken seriously? These fires (not confined to Harlow, Essex or the UK) also occurred on much greater scales in France, Spain and the USA are a consequence of the drought. Having any number firemen would not have prevented them from starting. His ingratiating comments are pathetic and condescending. In Harlow, the risk of wild fires could be reduced if the so-called company HTS, set up by the previous Labour administration actually did the job they are paid for and made sure grass, bushes and trees were regularly cut and maintained. During the pandemic when other authorities continued external maintenance work socially distanced, Harlow’s then Labour Council allowed HTS to furlough all staff so no environmental work was undertaken. Judging by the number of HTS vans still parked up outside cafes, etc Chris Vince might inform them that the Pandemic is long passed! We should remind Chris Vince that incompetence has consequences.

2022-08-18 11:44:45

Cuts do have consequences, and the Tory party are obsessed with cuts! Why do think there are less Police Officers on the streets? Probably because of cuts in funding that saw a reduction of 21,000 police officers. Why was the ambulance service "On the fringe of collapse" according to a paramedic in July this year? Why are patients waiting longer for an ambulance to arrive in emergency situations, a situation that has seen 1000's more people having to use taxis to get to hospital, according to a report today? Probably because of cuts to funding of the ambulance service. Why are hospitals struggling to cope with demand and are under more pressure now than ever before? Probably something to do with the real-time cuts in NHS funding. Why are fire fighting services under more pressure than ever and are finding it difficult to cope with the demands on their service? Certainly something to do with the cuts in funding to the service, which has seen a reduction in the number of firefighters and fire stations across the country. I could go on. Public Services of all kinds are being hit hard by cuts and reductions in funding after 12 years of Tory Rule. If you vote for the Conservatives, they will cut Public Services. These cuts will have a negative affect on the Public Services ability to provide the services that we rely on. Of course "Cuts Have Consequences". If anyone tries to deny that is true, then I'm afraid that they are deluded!

David Forman
2022-08-19 10:17:57

Chris Vince's recent series of quick fire letters is to make people forget he signed up to worse terms and conditions for new HTS workers at new subsidiary companies.The HTS Business Plan was discussed over almost 10 months and Cllr Vince failed to register his disapproval at making workers poorer.

Michael Hardware
2022-08-21 19:21:07

Mike0, less officers on the streets? Essex now have more officers than it has ever had in its 150- year history.

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