Case studies highlight success stories at BMAT STEM Academy

BMAT STEM Academy / Mon 22nd Aug 2022 at 11:07am

THE first sixth formers to complete their studies at BMAT STEM Academy are celebrating their results.

This is the first cohort of Year 13 students the school, in Harlow, has had through its doors since opening the further education facility.

Among the students celebrating were…

Ashton Cox, from Harlow, who achieved an A grade in computer science and C grades in economics, biology and maths.

He has secured a computer science apprenticeship focusing on software development with local company Venners – having accepted an opportunity the specialist school was able to provide for him.

He said: “My teacher had a meeting with the lead software developer at Venners and they said they were looking for an apprentice. I was asked if I was interested, had a couple of interviews and was offered the opportunity. I would not have heard of the company’s apprenticeship if it were not for my teachers, so I would definitely not have had this opportunity without attending BMAT STEM.”

Ashton was among the first cohort of students to join the school in Year 10 when it opened.

He said: “Computer science was what I wanted to go into, so it felt like the right move. I got good computer science GCSE results and have now started a two-year apprenticeship. I’m loving it.

“I was so glad to get my A in computer science. After Covid-19, I was hoping I would not let myself down. The last time I took proper exams was in Year 10 and that was just two tests. Everything has been up in the air due to the pandemic.

“The school gave us support all through lockdown with online sessions which were very effective. It’s hard to replicate real-life, face-to-face learning, but they did a good job. We had lots of extra catch-up lessons when school returned.”

Cedrick Kamagtey-Peschel was awarded a Distinction in every unit of his engineering course, achieving a Double Distinction* overall, as well as a C in physics.

He is now preparing to study mechanical engineering at University of Derby.

Having moved to BMAT STEM mid-course from another facility, Cedrick said: “Being able to approach my teachers at STEM whenever I needed to in a peer-to-peer way rather than the usual teacher to student kind of manner was so helpful.

They spent a lot of time with me after school, working through things; I could ask them questions any time and if I needed resources they didn’t have, they sourced them for me.

“You get a lot of independence at STEM. My teachers set tasks to help me to get to where I wanted to be, rather than just setting homework for the sake of it.

“My results are above what I was expecting. I was slightly shocked, but relieved.

“I have always wanted to go into mechanical engineering. My teachers have helped me to work out that I want to go on to do my Masters in nuclear engineering – I hadn’t even realised it was a career until I went to STEM

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2022-08-22 14:49:31

Good. We need more people going on to do higher/degree apprenticeships - especially in tech where work experience is a lot more important versus a traditional university education. Well done, Ashton.

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