Interview: Harlow Council’s youngest deputy leader lays out hopes and ambitions for future.

News / Wed 24th Aug 2022 am31 09:35am

IT is a rare thing indeed to have a 22-year-old deputy leader of a council.

However, as they say “If you are good enough, you are old enough”.

YH’s Emila DeFretias went up to the civic offices to speak to councillor Dan Swords about his role in local politics, about his ambitions and hopes for the town.

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10 Comments for Interview: Harlow Council’s youngest deputy leader lays out hopes and ambitions for future.:

2022-08-24 09:58:11

I am very sceptical about Cllr Sword's renewal promises but he is absolutely SPOT ON regarding (degree) apprenticeships. Glad to see a Deputy Leader who is so enthusiastic about them regardless of party.

Kim Oconnor
2022-08-24 10:02:39

Your plans all so include the destruction of the river stort valley. The only peaceful place we have left in Harlow. With over 6,000 signatures against this. Reports published by frends of Latton lsland, recognised ecology expert s and engineers from consultants engaged by HGGT, ignored by HGGT. The waiting list in Harlow for homes is over 5OOO, I see more unaffordable housing estates going to be built, than council houses. It won't be thousands of council houses, it probably won't be hundreds, but we will see. I see patches of green belt where council houses are being squeezed in, and I see lands in abundance being torn up with thousands and thousands of unaffordable housing estates, this is not thinking of the people of Harlow.

2022-08-24 12:56:40

He is spot on with degree apprenticeships. Just needs to get a crack on reducing the council tax bills should be abut £200 total - too many hangers on in the public sector

2022-08-24 17:39:55

Just cares about himself . How many houses has he built, none. What have he or administration built, nothing without the previous Labour adminstration but When is he going to lie down in front of the bulldozers at Purford Green, never. A lot of mouth but no actio.

Cris evens
2022-08-24 17:44:22

Great, the only way to improve this town is get all the old codgers and hangers on out and get fresh councilors in

Cris evens
2022-08-24 17:46:01

Great, the only way to improve this town is get all the old codgers and hangers on out and get fresh councilors in.

2022-08-24 18:01:08

Bob, I think you need to check your facts. The previous Labour administration completed no new Council homes. Instead they wasted £s hundreds of thousands on consultants for failed projects and spent £s millions buying houses on the open market at about 4x the actual build costs. As for new houses built or being built just check: Bushey Croft, The Hill, new bungalows at Tye Green and new homes at Staple Tye. Cllr Swords has done more in 19 months than Labour did in almost a decade.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-08-24 22:41:17

No fan of Labour of Course but Marie you need to get your facts right. Labour built a number of homes across the town in the last 10 years, as documented on yourharlow and it was Labour who put in motion plans to build Bushey Croft and indeed both The Hill and Tye Green was on the cards when they were in power. They purchased homes on the open market because by and large the Conservative Government straight jacket on Council house building meant there was little alternative. On the other hand you are right of course, they wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds on failed projects. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party

Michael Hardware
2022-08-25 14:17:06

Speaking of checking facts Nicholas, the Labour administration were well aware of the time restrictions on using council house receipts, having had to give back £3million several years before! They nearly had to give a similar amount back but for the panic buying of market housing which was a senseless waste of money.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-08-25 16:31:15

Michael ..... just as I said, the Conservative Governments straight jacket, that is the time restrictions on using council house receipts. Council homes are a council asset, sold at a massive discount and the net sum received should have had no time restriction as to when it was spent on building more council homes. Councils should be allowed to create a ring fenced pot of receipts built up over many years to enable them to commence a large scale house building programme, using the benefits of economy of scale amongst other things.

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