Harlow is 75: Geography matters: From Northern Ireland to St Marks: Interview with Dave Summerville

Education: Secondary / Mon 29th Aug 2022 at 09:06am

THOUSANDS of former St Mark’s students will have been taught by Mr Summerville.

The former Geography teacher possessed and possesses a warmth and a calming reassurance that many many will remember.

But as part of our Harlow is 75 project, we asked Dave to take us back to the early days back in Northern Ireland.

What happens when an intelligent young man is told “there’s nothing for you here”.

To mark the town’s 75thanniversary, Harlow Council and Your Harlow have launched a project which records the diverse history, heritage, and culture of the people and groups which are part of modern-day Harlow.

The Harlow at 75 project is made up of audio-visual recordings of conversations with both individuals and groups that explores their lives abroad before resettling in Harlow. The project reflects that we are a local but global new town and explores themes such as the definition of “Home”. 

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3 Comments for Harlow is 75: Geography matters: From Northern Ireland to St Marks: Interview with Dave Summerville:

Jennifer Juliff
2022-08-30 08:01:39

Dave , you’re a legend- one of the great teachers of our era.

Veronica Johansdon
2022-08-30 09:23:25

A great interview and interesting life didn't realise you were ftom Northern Ireland ..and nice to know Dave you shared my love of SAfrica...Durbs ...when I immigrated in the early 80's but sadly returned few years later to UK.

Glenn Maher
2022-09-08 19:48:38

One of my favourite teachers through my time at st marks and I’m lucky enough to still know him in my adult life. A true gent

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