Students who took a chance on new school during pandemic are staying onto sixth form.

BMAT STEM Academy / Tue 30th Aug 2022 at 08:12am

STUDENTS who took a chance on a new school during the pandemic are staying on into the sixth form.

Having picked up top GCSE grades at BMAT STEM Academy, in Harlow, students have enrolled to study further at the business-focussed school.

Barbara Sohonyai, from Harlow, picked up one grade 8, two grade 7, three grade 6, one grade 5, one grade 4 and one grade 3 in her GCSEs.

She is staying on at BMAT STEM Sixth Form to study chemistry, biology and 3D design, with a desire to go into the pharmaceutical industry.

She said: “I was a little bit nervous, but also excited to get my results. I felt quite proud of my results, especially considering the last couple of years with the pandemic that our year group went through.

“I was upset and scared when the lockdowns happened. But, the closer we have got to our GCSEs, we were able to support each other more and that gave me confidence.

“School offered extra study sessions and did the best they could to help us to learn, even through lockdown. Having specialist teachers helped us a lot. I was very happy about that.

“I moved to BMAT STEM as it was a good opportunity to study STEM subjects and to help me to get into the medical field. I did not see it as a risk moving to a new school in Year 10, it was a better choice for myself.

“I also like the school because there is no uniform and so we do not all look the same; we are all unique in our own ways.”


Ashley Koa, from Harlow, achieved one grade 8, one grade 7, one grade 6, three grade 5 and three grade 4.

She is staying at BMAT STEM Sixth Form to study 3D design, maths and computer science.

She said: “I am pretty happy with my results.

“The online lessons during the pandemic made life easier. We did a lot of work, so there was not a lot to catch-up on.

“The way they teach at BMAT STEM and the resources are different to other schools. I like the environment; it’s a nice, homely school. It feels sophisticated.”

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