Veolia respond to union concerns safety standards of Harlow bin lorries

News / Tue 30th Aug 2022 at 09:18am

THE COMPANY that runs Harlow’s bin lorries has responded to criticism by unions over vehicle safety.

Unison claimed that refuse workers and the public in Harlow are being put at risk by a slew of safety failures at Veolia’s Mead Park depot.

Union health and safety reps “uncovered a litany of breaches” during an inspection on Thursday, including faulty emergency stops on at least two vehicles.

A Veolia spokesperson has respnded“Veolia is committed to the highest standards of fleet and driver safety.  All our Harlow vehicles are subject to a comprehensive and rigorous inspection regime, with inspections undertaken by drivers, the contract management team and internal and external (FTA) fleet compliance inspectors.”

“We would never allow any vehicle to operate with a defective emergency stop or recovery button and our records confirm this is correct.

“We also hold regular safety forums in partnership with Unison where all fleet safety issues are addressed.”

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10 Comments for Veolia respond to union concerns safety standards of Harlow bin lorries:

2022-08-30 09:52:55

Trying to find reasons to call a strike are they?? Everyone else seems to want a reason to strike!!

2022-08-30 10:39:53

Maybe look at the way they are being driven too because two people I know have had their cars severely damaged by these refuse trucks. Yet they won’t take responsibility for the damage. Even though it’s on cctv.

2022-08-30 11:22:39

From Veolia annual statement 2021 quote re financial health: "Close to 10 billion euros of revenue will complement our 2021 revenue of 28 billion €, an increase of more than 30% " Any inspection of vehicles and equipment of such a company, (especially when raking in cash like this and can afford to be 100 % safe) by qualified union health and safety reps should be trusted and if not concerns passed to The Health and Safety Executive. Also, such a rich company might pay these key workers who do a great job, a decent wage.

2022-08-30 11:29:56

Deta, it's Veolia that's blocking and denying your claim not the union or the workers. Car damage is upsetting and costly but the speed at which the guys on the carts have to work to meet targets set by the management ie Veolia it's remarkable that it's a rare event. Take the company to court via.your insurers if you have such solid evidence.

David Vincent
2022-08-30 11:33:28

All union appointed safety reps are trained to standards acceptable to both unions and management. These reps then carry out safety inspections, investigate accidents and inspect accident books. They may also attend safety committees where one is established. I'm sure Veolia at a national and local level takes safety seriously, but standards can slip on occasions. Also, the falsification of documents in any workplace is not unheard of as this HR link demonstrates: https://www.davidsonmorris.com/falsifying-documents-in-the-workplace-uk/ Perhaps Veolia and Unison should agree to allow an independent safety auditor to examine their records to ensure their accuracy?

2022-08-30 13:43:36

The driver is ultimately responsible for checking his lorry's condition its up to them to drive the lorry in an unstable condition they are the one that loses Their licence they also can't be under that much pressure to get round because they're always parked up and not collecting the bins

2022-08-30 15:31:24

It is down to the driver to check the vehicle on a walk around check we stayed on the defect book emergency stop buttons tyres wheel nuts and other stuff if you defect it it will be sent to Harlow trucks

2022-08-31 19:49:59

How can they cause damage they never come and empty our bins haven't been for the last six weeks

Hugo Boss
2022-09-01 09:25:29

Typical Unison, trying to blame equipment for their members shoddy work. Last I heard Unison were battling to try and save a drivers job who smashed up someones fence and then tried to cover up the accident. I thought the Union was supposed to be on the side of the people not protecting people that damage peoples property.

Tommy Robinson
2022-09-02 17:28:38

First they threat to strike over pay, but didn't. Then over health and safety, but the issues don't exist. What is coming next. The union seem to just be causing unwarranted trouble.

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