Ofsted praise Sunflower Coppice pre-school in Harlow

Education / Thu 1st Sep 2022 at 02:30pm

GOVERNMENT inspectors have praised a pre-school in Harlow for their standards in early education.

They visited Sunflower Pre-School on Partridge Road, during the summer.

The report states:

Friendly staff greet children on arrival. Children are keen to get into pre-school and hang up their belongings. Staff are positive role models and children know what is expected of them. As a result, they behave well.

Parents comment on the improvements in their children’s behaviour since attending. Older children demonstrate high levels of independence. During large-group activities, they listen and follow instructions as they join in with singing and actions to familiar rhymes, such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and ‘Roly Poly’. Older children are well prepared for their next stage of learning.

Staff provide opportunities for children to explore and investigate a wide variety of activities across the seven areas of learning. They are based on children’s interests and identified learning needs, enabling children to make progress from their starting points. Children are confident in social situations. As a result, they are starting to develop friendships.

They are eager to join in with others as they wash dolls in the role play area and use spoons to pass marbles back and forth to each other. Children have access to fresh air in the outside area. There are opportunities for children to develop their physical skills.

Staff teach children to take appropriate risks safely as they climb and move around on large equipment. The pre-school promotes oral health and children participate in teeth-brushing activities. Children talk to staff about the importance of brushing their teeth.

The full report can be found below.


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