Labour leader echoes concerns over safety of Harlow bin lorries

News / Fri 2nd Sep 2022 at 08:56am

THE leader of Harlow Labour has voiced his concerns over safety standards of Harlow bin lorries.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “Like many residents in Harlow I was extremely concerned to read the report by Unison that the standards of Veolia vehicles and training of staff falls way below the minimum we should expect to see of any company operating in our town, let alone one which is paid out of the public purse to perform a public service. 

I have today (Tuesday) written to the interim (interim) chief executive asking him to put pressure on Veolia to put an end to this shoddy practice and put not only their staff but also the residents of Harlow’s safety first.

“I would like to take a moment to thank Caroline Hennessey and other union officials for their work bringing these concerns to light. 

“I hope that the Veolia bosses will now do the right thing and ensure that all health and safety standards on all of their fleet are raised to the level we should expect and deserve”.

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2 Comments for Labour leader echoes concerns over safety of Harlow bin lorries:

David Forman
2022-09-02 21:44:57

I'm sure Unison Eastern Region are more than capable of resolving this issue. However, it does demonstrate the priorities of multinational companies getting their snout in the public trough.

2022-09-08 20:58:14

The problem here is that Chris Vince and Labour have nothing more than a political agenda to try and put pressure across the country on the government by encouraging reasons for strike action to upset the public. Lucky for everyone the public are not fools and realise that Unison and Labour have literally made this story up and are sensationalising typical day to day issues that any company has to deal with. Shame on them, get back to supporting your untruthful members that cannot take ownership of their mistakes. The truth always comes through in the end.

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