Staff at Harlow glass factory unhappy at bosses over Queen’s funeral arrangements

Business / Fri 16th Sep 2022 at 08:07am

STAFF at a Harlow glass factory are unhappy with arrangements made by their bosses for The Queen’s funeral on Monday.

O-I is based on Edinburgh Way, Harlow. Readers may know it better as United Glass as well as Key Glass.

In a communication seen by YH, staff were told that O-I ” appreciate and understand that some of our employees may wish to mark Her Majesty’s passing and commemorate Her reign.

“Should you wish to take this day as a holiday from your existing entitlement, please submit your request directly to your manager who will review this in accordance with the department rules.

“Should you not have remaining holiday entitlement and wish to take this day as unpaid leave, please request this directly to your manager who will review this on a case by case basis based on department workload.”

We asked O-I a number of questions on this matter.

A press spokesperson said: ” Business operations during bank holidays are a matter for each company individually as business continuity needs to be ensured.

“To this extent, your question is a matter between O-I and our employees, which we cannot discuss in public”.

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11 Comments for Staff at Harlow glass factory unhappy at bosses over Queen’s funeral arrangements:

2022-09-16 09:30:35

Obviously the gods of profit come before everything even respect for the Queen and being considerate to workers.

2022-09-16 12:45:32

Running a business is expensive, employees already had an extra day for the jubilee, now there is the another one. Business is not charity and it is not about profit more often than not it is a about bringing in income to ensure the lights can be kept on and the worker can be paid thier salaries. It is pretty simple really It seems to me they have done the best they can offer.

2022-09-16 13:12:42

Nostradamus Those do seem quite silly comments to me – I don’t know much about glass recycling, but I don’t suppose the company can switch those huge glass furnaces with a few days’ notice and any closure, I expect would need to be planned. United Glass or whatever they are called these days have continued to provide employment to the people of Harlow for more than 70 years – That is commitment to your workforce. You think giving everyone an extra day’s holiday is ‘Respect for the Queen’ – I think councils cancelling funerals so that their staff can have the day off is crass in the extreme and hospitals cancelling Cancer Services is vile. A little more respect and a little less hysteria please!!

2022-09-16 14:04:46

I'm surprised not more comments, obviously scared of losing your job. American owned company run by Scots. All about profit, couldn't give a damn about workforce.

2022-09-16 14:30:01

Just to let you know Adam the employees at O-I didn't get an extra day off for the Jubilee and also take the time to look at the massive profits the company does make. Also employees have to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day if they can't get holiday as the factory will never shut down for anything or anyone!

2022-09-16 15:10:51

Scots and Americans!!!! For crying out loud, these foreigners get everywhere in this Post-Brexit Global Britain. Thankfully, the staff of O-I aren’t employed by King Charles III - Up to 100 of them were notified of redundancies this week during a church service for the Queen.

David Forman
2022-09-16 22:03:53

ACAS the arbitration service has advice on this matter: https://www.acas.org.uk/checking-holiday-entitlement/bank-holidays-and-christmas

View from Afar
2022-09-17 14:16:54

My dad came to Harlow in Early 1950s, he worked for City Glass Bootle Co which became Key Glassworks. He often worked Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day as they had the keep the furnaces ‘ticking over’ so to speak. Although I don’t necessarily agree with current situation and how it affects the workforce it seems like that’s what they still have to do now.

Sheri Hall
2022-09-17 17:19:52

Worse company I've ever worked for

2022-09-21 20:49:56

no respect atall , utterly discusting, bet his grandparents would be proud of him (NOT) , shame on the boss of o i or united glass , sounds like it should be called wankers united/direct !!

David Bryant
2023-08-24 15:27:11

As we lived in Stratford my Father worked for Lionel Norris at City Glass at the Canning Town Factory before it moved to Harlow . He travelled on the Biss Bros coach after we moved to Potters Field. I followed him as an apprentice chef. Mr Norris looked after his employees, He asked for me to cook his retirement Lunch.I was asked to join the Head Chef at the New Research and Development centre in St Albans also at Head Office. I retired to the Isle of Wight Where I met up with Colin Langley Who also worked at Harlow and St Albans we both had good memories.

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