Essex Police act over no right turn in Old Harlow

Crime / Sat 24th Sep 2022 at 06:38am

AFTER local concerns were expressed, Essex Police has enforced the no right turn on Gilden Way in Old Harlow.

This has taken place over the last few mornings during the school drop off period.

Despite being very clearly displayed, Essex Police has stated that numerous drivers chose to intentionally put others at risk and were reported.

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14 Comments for Essex Police act over no right turn in Old Harlow:

2022-09-24 07:40:38

When will the police realize that there exist people to which the law does not apply.

2022-09-24 07:42:50

As usual, a problem that never existed caused by bad road design.

2022-09-24 07:47:17

If you look it clearly tells you there's no right turn there it's been like that since gilden Park was built so why people are still doing it it's beyond me so when the police see cars doing a right turn there they need to find them I don't know what it is likely the public seems to be taking the law into their own hands and the police let them get away with it.

2022-09-24 08:07:49

The only crime here are the planners behind this. It’s a terrible layout that forces all the traffic into old Harlow high street, which has its own traffic calming measures, as it is meant to be a low volume road. It’s just another example of government actions that have not been thought through.

2022-09-24 08:16:35

What does it mean when there are no turn signs which theoretically means it's a rule of the road, for then the police to then say they're enforcing it?! Does it mean that heavens forbid we actually see a police car in the local area, and even more remotely happen to be right behind somebody who turns into the road that they will fine them? Did it mean that before this they would have ignored it? You've got better chance of winning the lottery than be fined by turning right in this instance! What a complete waste of time in resources! But it's ok because the layouts were all approved and questioned by highways as well as Harlow council to make sure they were fine for us low life people to use....

2022-09-24 08:20:59

While the police are at it, perhaps they can check on the many people who turn right onto Cambridge Road from Hart Road and Old Road.

2022-09-24 08:32:21

And the people who choose to right turn into Aldi.

2022-09-24 09:29:40

I think it was a mistake to make this a no turn right as costs more in petrol to follow it but now it is in place road users should stick to no turn right it’s breaking the law

2022-09-24 10:30:26

There was a right turn here for decades with no problems, now west flowing traffic is forced to go to the Mark Hall roundabout, adding to the congestion that builds there. This'll just get worse as the science park grows and traffic from Gilston Estate development is also channelled to the same roundabout! Symptomatic of the same myopic thinking by planning that's happened again and again along the A414 since it was widened at Hastingwood. I guess parents taking and collecting their children could park in Churchgate Street and use the crossing over Gilden Way, that'll really help the traffic flow, especially if the underpass footpath has been closed as the planners wanted.

2022-09-24 14:56:26

I blame the lefties

2022-09-24 16:19:32

There is no right or wrong turn only the power of the lord of the rings does anyone read this old cobblers anyone spouts on this forum?

Defund Politics
2022-09-24 17:08:12

Yeah right like they have the resources to man that every day. Police are box ticking in Harlow once again without tackling the bigger problems. Politics is to blame for the road layout, you know what we should do.....

2022-09-24 21:16:57

Will not be long before someone gets killed on that stupid roundabout.

2022-09-24 23:40:59

It seems like the only way they are going to sold this problem is to put around about there.

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