Harlow Labour leader praises Shadow Chancellor’s speech

News / Mon 26th Sep 2022 at 05:35pm

THE leader of Harlow Labour has praised the shadow chancellor’s speech at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool this afternoon.

Chris Vince said: “Today’s speech by Labour shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves can leave no one in any doubt that not all politicians are the same.  

“In stark contrast to last week’s Conservative ‘trickle down economic model’ budget which gave tax cuts to the wealthy, scrapped the cap on bankers bonuses and caused a disastrous drop in the value of the pound, Reeves set out Labour’s ambitious plan to not only tackle the cost-of-living crisis in the short term but also think about the long term future of our country.  

Unlike the Conservatives, who are gambling not only our futures but also the futures of our children and grand children, Labour will tax large energy companies who are reaping huge rewards from the cost-of-living crisis by continuing to collect record profits. 

Labour would reverse the cut to the 45% upper rate of tax and use this money to recruit 5,000 new health visitors and an extra 10,000 nurse and midwifery placements to help our beleaguered NHS. The extent of 12 years of Tory austerity on our own hospital is evident by 13 hour waits in A & E, an issue exacerbated by the closure of our walk-in centres and a catastrophic lack of investment in mental health services.

“Under this Conservative government the pound is at an all time low which means, due to oil and other commodities being traded in dollars, everything is more expensive.  We need a general election to elect a Government which is on the side of the people and not the energy giants and the already very well off.  The next Labour government will be a government which is on your side!”

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5 Comments for Harlow Labour leader praises Shadow Chancellor’s speech:

2022-09-26 19:05:07

Of course he does, she could say anything and he would support it. Just like with Robert H, backed the wrong candidate in the leadership contest now backing the leader. It is all about supporting their team regardless of the outcome or sensibleness of the solution. It is why we are in the mess we are professional polticians and political parties - they care nothing for anyoen but themselves and their career.

David Forman
2022-09-26 19:35:23

Rachel Reeves was very much in tune with the right-wing Progress faction (now called Progressive Britain). Indeed, she at one time promised to be tougher on benefit claimants than the Tories. Any chance of a better future for the poor is doubtful under Starmer's leadership: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/oct/12/labour-benefits-tories-labour-rachel-reeves-welfare

2022-09-27 09:40:27

But will the Labour Party call her a woman?

2022-09-27 09:57:42

On a serious note. The long term poor have no chance until we start educating them again, and I don’t see any political parties out there looking to improve education for the masses. Indoctrination and trendy thinking does nothing for society if you can’t earn money to put food on the table.

2022-09-27 12:19:54

Harlow Labour are calling for a General Election when they don’t even have a candidate to stand. The Leader of Harlow Labour has gone off to try to become the Labour parliamentary candidate for Colchester. Labour have announced that nationally they will not fight LibDem seats and focus on 120 marginal seats, most Red Wall. It is pretty obvious they have given up on Harlow and most of Essex and Herts. They don’t have the funds to fight having lost over 500,000 members.

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