Dispersal order in place across Harlow Town Centre over fear of disorder

Crime / Tue 27th Sep 2022 at 04:06pm

A DISPERSAL order has been put in place in part of Harlow following concerns about potential disorder involving two groups of people.

It is in place from 3pm today (Tuesday 27 September) until 3pm on Thursday (29 September). The order will be periodically reviewed within this time and rescinded if appropriate.

It covers an area of the town centre and gives officers the power to direct people suspected of causing anti-social behaviour or disorder to leave the area.

Inspect Natalie Rooney said: “We have received information relating to potential disorder involving two groups of people in the Broad Walk area this afternoon.

“We have responded quickly to ensure this does not take place and to protect the public.

“There is likely to be a more visible policing presence in the area while the order is in place so if you have any concerns please speak to one of our officers.” 


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5 Comments for Dispersal order in place across Harlow Town Centre over fear of disorder:

2022-09-28 08:28:22

What have we come to, when they won’t mention who the 2 groups are, for fear of reprisals.

David Forman
2022-09-28 08:53:26

And then we wonder why the scientists at the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) don't want to move to Harlow from their current picturesque base near Salisbury.

2022-09-28 09:35:04

What are the two groups ?

2022-09-28 10:19:33

West (walk ) side Story, Sharks and the Jets? Verona ,The Capulets and the Montagues? Same old story, people never learn.

2022-09-28 12:15:39

Public health England won’t becoming to Harlow for basic health a safety reasons. Harlow is on a hill and the work the want to do is normally done in a valley or underground, so if there is a loss of containment it has a better chance of not spreading.

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