Does MP Robert Halfon have confidence in Prime Minister Liz Truss? “You need to sort it out and pretty soon”

News / Fri 30th Sep 2022 at 12:22pm

HARLOW MP has sent a clear message to the Prime Minister, Liz Truss and her Chancellor that she needs to sort out the consequences of their mini-budget “soon”.

We spoke to Mr Halfon on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.

It was also just before his weekly surgery, which was being held in the Citizens Advice Bureau.

We met him at The Sandwich Bar in the town centre.

He has a very busy Friday before he travels to Birmingham. Much of his time, will be spent on education panels but it is the economic picture that concerns him.

The MP, who was selected in 1999 and won his seat at the third attempt in 2010 is clearly being inundated by Harlow residents, concerned for their future.

Our key question in our ten minute interview is at the seven minute section when we ask if the Prime Minister Liz Truss asked him if he had confidence in her, then what would he say?

Mr Halfon’s answer was: “I would say that she needs to listen to the people.

“People are not happy with what has gone. You need to sort it out and pretty soon”

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8 Comments for Does MP Robert Halfon have confidence in Prime Minister Liz Truss? “You need to sort it out and pretty soon”:

Desmond Shipley
2022-09-30 13:25:25

I am sure many readers would like to join me to personally thank all those myopic Tory Party members who elected Truss our Prime Minister without our approval. It is with great joy that I can now look forward to at least a decade without Johnson's sycophants running the country with their snouts in the trough. Talking of future Tory Government scandals, don’t be surprised if Putin features and Brandon Lewis plays a prominent role. Lewis is Truss’s Justice Secretary (pardon the joke), stars in Private Eye, is anagrammed as the Baron Swindler and may even have a Russian passport or two. Furthermore, while we are on topic about Truss The Cuss and scandals the real issue is not so much her childish economics but her trustworthiness. Ask Hugh O’Leary what he thought of her 18 month affair with former Tory MP Mark Field or ask the shadow attorney general if Truss is honest. It seems Truss has spent over £10,000 of taxpayers’ dosh on private catering; beauty treatment; vintage wines; flash home furnishings; and even £1,841 at the Norwich City club shop. Mind you, the barbers at Finishing Touches are happy; they got paid over £4,000 but does Truss look any the better for it? As for her supporting Norwich City Football Club, they too were relegated! In the meantime if you are interested in articles naming dozens of Tory Party bigwigs et al once under the influence of Russia best read the article for July 21, 2021, in the news section of Bill Fairclough’s Burlington Files website. While you are at it, you might also want to read Fairclough’s raw noir spy thriller, Beyond Enkription; it’s a must read not only for espionage cognoscente but also decrypted people.

James Griggs
2022-09-30 14:58:11

It’s a bit rich of Mr Halfon to tell Truss to ‘listen to the people’ when he has studiously ignored that advice over the course of his career. The PM must be terrified of his threat about the need to ‘sort it out’, that has reminiscent echoes of the numerous vacuous last chances he offered to Johnson. Another ‘Mr Halfon regrets’ moment is looming for sure. If he truly represented the people of Harlow he would call out the perpetrators of this economic mess for the disastrous incompetence they’ve shown but that would require a backbone so I won’t hold my breath!

2022-09-30 16:05:21

The sad thing about politics is there is a game to be played, and bases need to be covered. They all do this. As for us voters this makes it very difficult to see the true colours of who ever we vote in. But what to do about it?…………….

2022-09-30 16:56:37

Hey Robert, only a few days ago you were asking the whole of Harlow to give Liz Truss a chance. Perhaps you can explain why the people of Harlow should still give her a chance when you can't be bothered yourself? What is it that prompted this U-turn? How many "one more chances" are you going to give Liz? As many as you gave Boris? If you truly want Liz to "sort things out", call for a General Election. Or will you send a letter to get rid of this unelected idiot?

2022-09-30 18:17:40

We need a general election as soon as possible so we can all (not just the Tory party) have a say in who runs our country. I don’t expect this to get anywhere but it’s worth signing anyway just to show your frustration and dissatisfaction. Petition for a general election https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/619781

2022-09-30 20:32:12

I am glad truss is in as the Tories will not win with her in charge let's have an election now and Robert you will not get in while you're boss is in charge .

2022-09-30 22:11:04

Sorry Robert to maintain your credibility as Harlow MP you need to openly and publicly challenge the current PM incompetent. You publicly supported Boris and we’re humiliated, you run run the same risk or worst by your continued support of Liz. The people of Harlow and the nation deserve a General Election

2022-10-01 07:08:50

Why do we need a General Election? The Government has an 80 seat majority and is perfectly capable of governing for the remainder of their term until January 2024. We did not have an election when Brown replaced Blair mid-term. We do not ‘elect’ the PM; we elect MPs. Government and Constitution should be taught in schools as so many people here clearly do understand how Parliamentary democracy operates.

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